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4 Healthy Snacks For Your Bike Ride

Do you love cycling and are looking for healthy snacking options to keep your energy up? Bengaluru-based nutritionist, Shalini Manglani has all the answers for you.

By Shalini Manglani
22 Nov 2021

The cyclist community that I advise is always looking for quick and easy energy bites or snacks to carry on their ride. Good nutrition is the key to maintaining energy through a bike ride. However, other than providing an energy boost, a good snack for a cyclist needs to be easy-to-handle, provide muscles with good nutrients, and should not melt in the sweltering heat.


Here are four simple snacks for cyclists who need a quick, gluten-free energy bite, including a simple recipe for cyclists inspired by Indian cyclist Biju Thomas.


Peanut butter sandwich

Peanut butter is high in fat and is filled with protein, carbs, and fibre. It also helps stave hunger for a while and is compact, making it perfect for a long ride. If you have pre-prepared idlis available, you can also make an idli sandwich with peanut butter. Note: lightly flatten the idlis before applying peanut butter.


Paniyaram with peanut butter

Paniyaram are round-shaped dumplings, popular in states such as Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. The snack is made with leftover urad dal and rice batter. I usually don't use aluminium wrapping for this snack. But I find it easy to eat while cycling.



Chikki squares

A healthy, sweet snack made up of peanuts and jaggery, chikki squares are another simple solution for cyclists on-the-go. Chikki provides high energy and is a source of glucose, which provides immediate relief after athletic activities. The snack is easy to handle and carry.


Homemade rice cake

Ingredients required: Cooked rice, Peanut butter, raisins or sugar Preparation: Mix, mash, press ingredients into a rectangular cake dish. Once mixture is set, cut into 2.5 inches x 2.5 inch squares Add salt and coconut milk to make it sticky. Note: If you do not have a sweet tooth, a savoury version of the same can be made by replacing peanut butter with kadleypudi, or puffed rice. Coconut milk can be substituted with ghee.




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