6 Best Astrology Apps for Luck, Fortune, Relationships and More

Whether it’s navigating a Mercury retrograde or reaping the abundance of a Jupiter retrograde—these apps have you covered.

By Maryann Savina Xavier
27 Jun 2021

With the right guidance, you can make better informed decisions for your life – work, relationships, opportunities, risks and more. We have picked up 6 best astrology apps that are credible, accurate and engaging. Find yours from the list below:

Time Passages

This free intuitive app from instantly creates a personal astrology dashboard once you provide your birth information. Get detailed readings for your sun, moon and rising signs. Besides, personalised horoscopes, the app provides you access to your daily horoscope, transits and progressions. The new compatibility meter feature allows you to check your compatibility with a potential partner. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

The interactive app puts you in touch with astrologers who can answer your questions on areas you need help with. Upon registering, you can unlock a range of features including monthly and daily horoscopes, tarot card readings and some learning material. While some features are free, you may have to pay for additional features. Sanctuary is open to both Android and iOS users.
Daily Horoscope
This astrology app from Comitic stays true to its simplicity. The app is great for beginners and who want nothing but simple and easily understandable predictions. Some of its features include daily, weekly and monthly horoscope, zodiac compatibility horoscope, Chinese and Druid horoscope and easy to adjust settings for custom colors and font sizes. Almost all the features on the app are free. It is equally popular among Android and iOS users.
Astrology Zone

This app offers horoscopes by famed-astrologer and best-selling author Susan Miller. On the free version, you get personalised short daily horoscopes and detailed monthly readings. On the premium version, you get to view the upcoming week’s predictions on Sunday and Miller’s essays on topics like the Mercury retrograde, eclipses for a given year and compatibility reports. The app is available on both Android and iOS platforms but comes with some basic free features.

The Pattern

This astro app is recognised for its accuracy and unlike other astro apps offers deep insight about yourself and others. Some of its features include readings about yourself, your freindships, your romantic interests and shared experiences. As part of the shared experiences feature, you get to connect with an online community to share and learn how individual traits affect each of us. You can also chat with your friends through the app. The Pattern is available to both Android and iOS users and is initially free with some paid features.



This app brings to you everything that an astrology app provides but backed with science. Co-star uses NASA data to track planetary movement. The app not only provides information on how your sun sign impacts you, but also includes moon sign readings, the 12 zodiac signs impact and the impact of other planets on your personality.


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