6 Ways Women Can Champion Each Other

Celebrating and championing women is a testament to strength, resilience, and shared achievements. Here are 6 simple ways you can support the women in your life.

By URLife Team
08 Mar 2024

As women consistently shatter barriers and rise through the ranks in the world of politics, sports, medicine, defence forces and what not, it's crucial to acknowledge that the path to success is seldom a solitary journey. The significance of women supporting each other in the workplace cannot be emphasised enough.


Women are making strides in different fields, and are no less than men. Recognising that success is often a collaborative journey rather than an individual pursuit, it becomes imperative to highlight the significance of women supporting each other in the workplace and beyond.


Despite historical challenges like the queen bee phenomenon where senior executives distanced themselves from junior women in order to be more accepted by their male peers, the evolving workplace landscape is witnessing a positive shift. A 2016 study published in The Leadership Quarterly concludes that this is a response to inequality at the top, not the root cause.


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It is rightly said that a woman alone has power, collectively they have impact. The prevailing idea is clear: a woman's power is formidable alone, but collectively, women create a transformative impact. In this evolving landscape, fostering unity among women becomes not just a supportive gesture but a strategic move toward dismantling systemic barriers and ensuring a more inclusive path to success.


According to a 2014 study by the American Political Science Review, women also get less airtime in group discussions. They are interrupted more—by both men and women and given less credit for their ideas.


Another research shows that women in the workplace were penalised for trying to lift each other up. The way forward for sponsoring women may just be to do it more.  Do it vocally, loudly and proudly until we are capable of changing perceptions. Supporting fellow women not only benefits the individuals involved by providing access to opportunities but also helps organisations foster a culture of recognition and reward for all employees.


And with changing scenarios, gender diversity hiring (women) is right there on each and every company’s agenda.. Their idea is to increase women's percentage in leadership and similarly hire more females across the level to build the pipeline. This offers the ideal platform for women to support each other and foster a more inclusive and diverse work environment, breaking barriers and promoting equal opportunities for women in various roles within these companies.


Be Aware of Personal Biases

Acknowledging and addressing personal biases is a crucial first step in fostering a more inclusive environment. By taking the time to reflect on preconceived notions and stereotypes, individuals can actively work towards dismantling these biases.


This self-awareness not only contributes to personal growth but also has a ripple effect in driving broader social change. It enables individuals to challenge stereotypes that may hinder the progress of women in various spheres. When people consciously confront their biases, they become advocates for change, and promote  workplace culture that values diversity and empowers women to thrive.


Challenge the Status Quo

Women often face a double standard at work that men don't deal with. While men are expected to be assertive, women are often expected to be nurturing. When women take on leadership roles, they might face pushback for going against these expectations. This "likeability penalty" shows up in how women are described – assertive women are labelled as "aggressive" and "ambitious," whereas men with similar traits are seen as "confident" and "strong."


Celebrate Their Accomplishments

According to a 2012 research by Advances in Experimental Social Psychology, when women celebrate their accomplishments, they are often penalised for self promotion. 


If you hear someone calling a woman "bossy" or "shrill," ask for specific examples and question if the same reaction would apply to a man. Often, it won't. When you find yourself reacting negatively to a woman at work, ask the same question and give her the benefit of the doubt – she's likely just doing her job.


Look out for chances to cheer on women's achievements and speak up if they're unfairly blamed for mistakes. It's important to notice and acknowledge when women do well. Sometimes, women tend to credit luck or help from others for their success, while men often attribute it to their skills. This difference in how we see our accomplishments can lead to women's contributions being overlooked.


Women might get less credit for success and more blame for failure. Here's an idea: gather with a group of women and agree to celebrate each other's successes. Even if celebrating our own achievements can sometimes be frowned upon, supporting each other is a powerful way to make sure everyone's efforts are recognised.


Step Up for Women’s Talent

Supporting women's talent involves more than just recognising it; it requires actively advocating for their opportunities and advancement. Individuals can play a pivotal role by using their influence to ensure that women are considered for key projects, promotions, and leadership roles. This might involve speaking up in meetings to amplify women's voices, recommending them for challenging assignments, or fostering mentorship opportunities.


By actively championing women's talent, individuals contribute to dismantling systemic barriers that have historically impeded women's progress. This proactive approach helps create a workplace culture that values meritocracy and equal opportunities, ultimately contributing to the overall success and advancement of women in various fields.


Respect Femininity

Embrace the fact that women navigate a world with its own set of hurdles, whether it's juggling work and family, breaking through stereotypes, or facing societal expectations.


By acknowledging these challenges, we create a space where women can feel seen and heard, without downplaying or dismissing their experiences. It's about recognising that everyone's journey is unique, and women, like anyone else, appreciate having their struggles acknowledged without turning it into a big production. It's a simple act that goes a long way in fostering understanding and building connections. It's like saying, "Hey, I get it, and I'm here to support you without making a fuss." It's all about creating a vibe where women feel understood, heard, and respected for who they are.


Encourage Professional Opportunities

Promoting flexible work options for women could be a game-changer. By encouraging a more adaptable approach to work, it allows women to balance professional responsibilities with personal commitments. Flexible schedules, remote work options, and part-time arrangements can be key to unlocking their full potential. This not only supports work-life balance but also contributes to a more inclusive workplace that values diverse needs and fosters an environment where everyone can thrive. It not only helps employees but the organisations too. They can get the right talent and skills required for the job by keeping everything at parity.


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In a world where unity is our greatest strength, these six simple ways for women to champion each other can create a ripple effect of support. Let's stand together, lift each other up, and build a future where every woman's success is celebrated and looked forward to.



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