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Corporate Gifting Guide: Perfect Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Employees

The holidays are here and it’s time to reward your valuable clients and employees with the perfect end of year gift. Gifting is the essence that represents your brand and strengthens its success story. We have curated an ultimate guide to corporate gifting ideas for you.

By Namami
07 Dec 2022

The holiday season is here and we can’t keep calm! Corporate business is about building relationships and gift giving is about nurturing those relationships that are most important to you. Gifts that are thoughtful and meaningful go a long way towards showing your colleagues that you value your professional relationship with them.

The sharp end is, you need a complete guide to employee holiday gifts that are prominent to reflect the success of your brand story. As the festive spirit approaches, we at URLife have curated the perfect list for your gifting spear this season. Let’s start hunting for the perfect gift!


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1. Sustainable Gift Options

Make a difference this festive season with innovative and sustainable gifting choices. Some sustainable gifts you can give during festivities can include environment-friendly custom options. This can include incense sticks, ittar (natural perfume oil), beeswax candles, or gift options from NGOs that contribute to the community and environment safety.


During festivities, you can give these handmade beeswax and taper candles that are handcrafted with 100% beeswax from Apollo Foundations’s Total Health Green Skilling centre that support the Chenchu Tribe. This can be an ecological friendly gift option from Apollo Foundation that contributes to the community and environment safety.

The foundation supports this livelihood effort as a safe, long-term approach to contribute to the financial well-being of the Chenchu tribe, who live deep within the jungle. To provide you these candles, the tribe customarily taps honey from the rock and has now learned to extract beeswax from the honeycomb.

Expect each beeswax candle to be unique, as with all handmade goods. When you buy an Arrjava candle, you are extending support to a community ecology.


  • Solar Powered Mobile Charger

The solar-powered phone charger is a wireless, compatible battery charger that also features a compass and flashlight, making it a must-have. Being one of the most efficient sustainable gift options, a solar-powered mobile charger can support up to three devices at one go.


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2. Tech Kit Organizer

Tech kit organizers can be an extremely helpful corporate gifting option. .With this organizer, one can sort out all their tech accessories and arrange them in a neat and organized manner. space. It comes with orderly organization for all spaces. This gift is perfect for tech giant heads who thrive in automation and technology.


3. Gift Hampers

For all those quirky brands out there who love to mix and match, these sets of gift hampers go all the way to stand out! You can either pick and choose to customize the items in a gift hamper or select a ready-made one. Below are a few gift hamper ideas to consider this festive season.


  • For the Love of Choco Hamper

Any chocolate enthusiast will adore the chocolate hamper. This variety gift box contains chocolates of several flavors, each more delightful than the other. You can also customize this chocolate hamper and include a delicious chocolate chip cake jar as a sweet surprise.


  • Ceramic Mugs Gift Hamper

The ceramics mugs gift hamper can be your savior if you’re arranging for corporate gifts at the last minute. The multipurpose ceramic gift mugs are easily available and are an ideal gifting option. You can also include an assortment of luxury tea or coffee brands as a part of this employee holiday gift hamper.


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These carefully curated holiday gift ideas will definitely leave a lasting impression on your clients and also bring a smile to your employees’ faces. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and choose your pick for this holiday season!




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