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Diabetes-Friendly Dessert To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth—Citrus Bhapa Doi

Diabetes can be hard on people those who often crave for sweets but cannot have it due to restrictions. However, Charmaine D’Souza is a Mumbai-based clinical nutritionist has been assisting clients with better nutrition and traditional delicacies.

By Charmaine D Souza
06 Nov 2021

Ingredients list

  • Yoghurt: 400 g (hung for 20 minutes in a muslin cloth potli)
  • Orange juice, freshly squeezed: 1 cup
  • Star anise: 2
  • Orange zest: 1 tbsp
  • Jaggery or coconut sugar: 2 tbps
  • Milk powder: 2 tbps
  • Cornflour: 2 tbsp
  • Black Pepper: To taste
  • Salt: To taste



Step 1 :

In a shallow pan, pour the orange juice. Bring it to a boil. Add orange zest, coconut sugar and star anise. Cook until it reduces to half the amount. Remove from the stovetop, and allow the star anise to continue steeping in it. Keep aside to cool.

Step 2 :

Take the hung curd and mix it with milk powder and cornflour. Stir well with a whisk or spatula. Remove the star anise from the orange juice reduction to use as garnish later. Add the cooled reduction to the curd mixture. Mix well until smooth.

Step 3 :

Transfer the mixture into 4 oven proof bowls or ramekins. Steam the curd in a pressure cooker or in a steamer on the stovetop, or bake it in the oven (in a water bath). Insert a knife or a toothpick to check if it is done in about 20 minutes. If the toothpick comes out clean, it is cooked.

Step 4:

Cool in the refrigerator. Serve chilled, garnished with a few broken bits of the citrusy star anise.


With more than twenty years of experience in assisting clients who are interested in improving their health through better nutrition and natural care, Charmaine D’Souza is a Mumbai-based clinical nutritionist with PG in Applied Nutrition and Dietetics. She is also the author of books like Kitchen Clinic and Blood Sugar and Spice. This recipe is from her latest book, The Good Health Always Cookbook, which uses a variety of ingredients to reinvent traditional recipes.


2550 Kcal
Cooking Time
40 Mins




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