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Five Delicious and Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Match Your Morning Mood

From always-in-a-rush jet setter to lover of all things brunch—we’ve narrowed down to five key breakfast personalities. Which one are you?

By Adarsh Soni
23 May 2021




1. Skinny Omelette Roll
Best for: People who are on the go
Whip up a thin and fluffy omelette and use it as a shell for the filling of your choice—bacon, avocados, feta—the sky’s the limit. Though, we suggest healthy greens like arugula and moringa for those #meatlessmondays. This roll is a great companion for your daily commute.
2. Vegan green smoothie
Best for: People who don’t have time for breakfast

With this creamy almond milk smoothie loaded with the goodness of spinach, flax seeds and cinnamon, you’ll feel like you’re having a nutty cookie for breakfast. This is also a perfect non-dairy drink for anyone who is vegan and/or lactose intolerant.


3. Spinach and mushroom egg white frittata
Best for: People who don’t have time for lunch
Simple, delicious and extremely filling—you won’t have to worry about lunch after having this protein-packed frittata in the morning. And if you don’t like mushrooms, you can easily switch them for something like roasted sweet potatoes or cherry tomatoes.
4. Vanilla chia pudding with seasonal fruits
Best for: People who don’t like breakfast

What if we told you that you could have dessert for breakfast? Soak the chia seeds in advance and top them off with granola, peanut butter and fresh fruits for this delicious no-fuss pudding. Add low-fat whipped cream on top if you want to have more fun with it.


5. Oatmeal banana pancakes with candied bananas
Best for: People who enjoy a decadent meal in the morning
These hearty pancakes are a perfect match for the ones that like to relish every last bite of their breakfast. Loaded with protein and fibre rich oatmeal, they come with a topping of delicious candied bananas and organic honey on the side. The best part? You can order them from URLife cafe if you’re not in the mood to cook.




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