How To Encourage Your Child To Be Active?

If you’re like most parents, you probably find it difficult to get your child off the screen. Shereen Master, mobility and movement coach, shares innovative ways to engage your child and help them be active.

By D Tejaswi
10 May 2022

Physically active children and adolescents are at reduced risk of developing risk factors for cardiovascular diseases and they are likely to have enhanced mental and emotional well-being. However, evidence suggests that children today play less, have much longer screen time, and have irregular sleep patterns resulting in weight gain and loss of cardiorespiratory fitness. (capacity of the body to supply oxygen to skeletal muscle mitochondria for energy production needed during physical activity)


Shereena Master, mobility and movement coach talks to URLife and shares innovative ways to encourage children to be more active.

1. Structure: Make a plan. Consistency is the key. Set small, attainable goals for your child. Ask them to play outdoors at least thrice a week. Plan a weekend getaway such as a joint swimming class, or a trek.

2. Engage: Offer a conducive environment at home. Watch sports show along, ask questions, explain the rules of the game and engage in conversations.

3. Yoga fun: One way to engage your child is when the parent does the yoga themselves. For instance, when the parent is doing a downward dog pose, the child can be asked to run under the belly.

4. Unique gifts: Sports gifts can help get kids up and moving. Some gifting ideas include a soccer ball, baseball gloves, a punching bag, or mindfulness cards.

5. Playdates: Children enjoy to play with their friends. Parents can organise play dates at home, create a fun corner, divide children in teams, and give challenges.

6. Fun at home: Let the child have a pillow fight, jump on the bed, play balloon tennis or help parents with chores. It helps create a space for the children to share their ideas and feelings, says Shereen.


Check out the full video here. Shereen Master also talks about how to ensure the child’s safety, what to feed before a workout, the right time to enroll the kid in sports training and more.




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