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How To Have A Healthy Argument At Work

How often do you agree to disagree at your workplace? At any workplace, there will be times when passion can take over and lead to disagreements. Bookmark this article to learn how to have a healthy argument at work!

By Namami
19 Dec 2022

Even the best of work friends argue! Having an argument at a workplace can lead to uncomfortable vibes between you and your colleague. And this might result in low job satisfaction. But it’s not the end of the world!

According to research titled Conflict at Work by The Myers-Briggs Company, “The more time that an individual spent dealing with conflict at work, the lower their job satisfaction and the less included they felt.”


Is a healthy argument at work possible?

A productive and healthy argument can benefit everyone. Arguments can passionately happen but it’s your reaction that will decide the end result. Without passion, professionalism is worthless. Your intuition and experience, which give your thoughts their distinctiveness, are valuable to a healthy, productive work environment.

Discussions are indispensable at the workplace, especially for problem solving and the birth of new ideas. A healthy discussion is great for brainstorming, finding new ways to approach issues and often, the best answers for problems and opportunities come from passionate discussions. To make your point at work, here are a few ways you can do it in a healthy and positive manner.


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How to balance an argument with healthy affirmations?

1. Before the argument

Let’s say you can feel the tension brewing between you and your colleague. These are a few things you can do as a precaution:


2. Schedule a meeting

Scheduling a meeting between the two of you will make your agendas clear. This will help whosoever is involved to clear their head and come prepared with the set of points they want to make.


3. Be Factual and Objective

Gather your facts to support the points you are making. Not only does this strengthen your debate but will also give a clarity to your colleague about your approach. Keep your emotions aside, and approach the topic from a practical, problem-solving angle.


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During an argument

1. Don’t keep a winning mindset

Plugging a winning mindset to your argument can leave the team with no positive work output.


2. Don’t cast blames

If you start blaming the person, they will instantly feel defensive and that will hamper the end result. Instead of you attacking or blaming, stick to logical reasons to convey your point.


3. Listen to what they are saying

Listening is extremely crucial when you work as a team. It can mend your differences and help you understand their points better.


4. Ask the right questions

Asking the right questions, like why, what, and where is important. Instead of simple yes or no, changing the set of questions will bring in more factual conversation. Open-ended questions will allow people to talk more about their understanding of the subject.


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After the argument

The matter may not end after the argument. If the tension remains there are ways you can cope up.


1. Offer an apology

Offering an apology if a line was crossed doesn’t make you less of a person. This will strengthen the professional bond you have with your colleague.


2. Appreciate their effort

Communicate your feedback by appreciating their effort to take time out from their schedule to make an understanding. It will make them see that you value their efforts too.


You cannot always avoid arguments at your workplace. But having a healthy and constructive argument will actually help you in building your credibility with the team and further strengthen their trust.

Just don’t forget to follow these healthy argument tips and you are good to go!


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