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How To Start Working Out (And Stick With It)

Popular actor and URLife Guest Editor, Samantha Ruth Prabhu talks about her happy time – working out. Regular exercise is one of the best things you can do for your health. Samantha gives the lowdown on how you can make your workout time, the best part of your day.

By Samantha Akkineni
23 Sep 2020

Exercise can change your life. It’s not just about the physical changes you see. It’s about making yourself feel happy and healthy. When you exercise, happy hormones are released, and you automatically start to feel good. Even a simple activity like walking can boost your mood. I’ve also noticed that when I miss my workout sessions, I get a little sad. I believe that once you exercise regularly your life will become more blissful, and you will soon start looking forward to your workout sessions!


Create a goal for yourself

Exercise is not only about slimming down or losing weight. It’s about getting fit and loving what you do to stay healthy. I’m incredibly passionate about working out, and I love it. You don’t have to do specific exercises to work out. You can find any activity that you enjoy doing, and it will be the same as working out. I started working out because I was very petite, and I wanted to look fitter. The grass is always greener on the other side. When you are too small you want to look a little bigger. When you are a little healthy, you want to look a bit thin. That’s how it started for me, but then it made me feel very powerful and strong.


See what activity works for you

Play your favourite music and dance to burn some calories. If you like the outdoors, go for a hike or take your pet out for a run on the beach or in the park. The idea is to stay active. Once you exercise regularly, you will begin to feel the difference, and this will keep you motivated to continue with what you’re doing.


Remember–hard work pays off

If you’re new to exercising and working out in the gym, remember you only get out what you put in. I wanted to go to the gym and push a little harder and gain some weight. 
Just keep going, and it won’t be long before you see some great results. I personally like to hit the gym as frequently as possible. I love working out because it makes me feel peppy and energetic. But at the same time, I don’t push myself over the edge. It’s also crucial for me to reward myself for the hard work I put in. So I make sure I do something that makes me feel great about myself.


There are no shortcuts and secrets

I don’t have any particular secret to staying fit. Besides being very consistent with my workouts, I eat only vegan food and ensure I’m well hydrated throughout the day. To keep boredom away, I make sure my workouts are varied. This also helps me stay excited about my workouts. Variety is vital to stay motivated to work out regularly. Working out makes me feel more confident and also provides me with a sense of contentment and achievement. It is the high of becoming stronger and stronger every day that keeps me going.




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