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Music For When Your Grief Has No Words

Some moments in life are too moving to be put into words. Taylor Swift’s album, Anti-Hero, features a song that’s helping people put their miscarriage grief into words. For when words aren’t enough to convey emotions, turn to these songs…

By URLife Team
29 Nov 2022

When Jay Z paid a tribute to Beyoncé in his song, Glory, he talks about the pain of miscarriage, and how he felt like he might have lost his wife for good. “Last time the miscarriage was so tragic / We was afraid you’d dissappear”. Grief and sadness can play defining moments in our lives, but overcoming these hurdles is what makes us stronger and ultimately human.

Portrayals of grief in mainstream media can sometimes drive a sledgehammer through our hearts, and it’s because they can depict what we’re never able to express. A recently released song by Taylor Swift, Bigger Than The Whole Sky, has similarly connected people from all walks of life in their shared grief over miscarriage. The song has given many who have lived through this experience a voice and an outlet for their suppressed and ignored emotions. “I cried so much…” is a common sentiment across the board.


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Our society rarely acknowledges a loss of this kind. The pain and heartbreak of a miscarriage are often nursed privately. It is seldom understood by partners. The silent strength, with which individuals who have carried and lost unborn lives, is a testament to their resilience.

When you don’t know how to comfort someone who is undergoing a hard time, or dealing with grief, the best place to start is to let them voice their pain. Witness it. Share it. On the other hand, if you are the one experiencing heartbreak alone, we see you. And hope you find the words to express your sorrow in these songs.


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For Miscarriages

Bigger Than The Whole Sky - Taylor Swift


For Grieving Death

Let It Be - The Beatles


For Heartbreak

Rolling in the Deep - Adele


When You’ve Been Cheated On

Sorry - Beyonce


Moving On From Unrequited Love

Dancing On My Own - Robyn


When You’ve Lost Your Job

Eye of The Tiger - Survivor


While these songs may not have been written to portray a specific type of grief, when you can relate to music and use it to express your grief, it can help you release pent-up emotions. Knowing that you’re not alone in what you’re going through can sometimes be all the strength you need to go on. When you’re ready to share your grief with friends and family, know that there’s always someone ready to hear you.


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