The Science of Spring Cleaning

As spring inspires us to organise and transform after a long gloomy winter, this is your sign to get up and declutter as spring cleaning may boost mental health & more.

By URLife Team
03 Mar 2024

Spring is here, which means it's time to swap out your winter clothes for cooler ones. It's also a great opportunity to tidy up your home. Cleaning up the mess around you can help calm your mind. Spring cleaning isn't just about making your home look nice; it's also about making yourself feel better.


Getting rid of clutter can improve your mood and give you a fresh start. Plus, doing physical tasks like cleaning can help shake off the winter blues. So, put on some music, grab your feather duster, and get ready to feel refreshed.


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If the mess in your home is making it hard for you to do things efficiently, This is called "household chaos." For example, if your shoes are always scattered and you have to search for them every time you need them, it can cause issues in your daily routine. That's when the mess becomes a problem.


On the other hand, some people find it easier to deal with the occasional search for things than to consistently keep everything tidy. It's a trade-off between the mental effort of staying organised and the inconvenience of occasional clutter.


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The Link Between Cleaning And Mood

Did you know that washing dishes can improve your mood? Well, doing household chores after a stressful day is the last thing you would want to do, but the science says otherwise. According to a 2015 study reported in the journal Mindfulness, it was found that treating dishwashing as a form of informal meditation, where you focus on the present moment, can promote mindfulness. The study showed that cleaning dishes can reduce anxiety by 27 per cent. This involves paying attention to your emotions and thoughts while washing dishes, which can lead to a positive state of mind. So, next time you're doing the dishes, try to do it with mindfulness and see how it affects your mood.


Benefits of Spring Cleaning

Cleaning is like rituals and incorporating it into your daily routine, in whatever way works for you, can lead to a healthier lifestyle. Having a clean and organised space can bring peace of mind, whether it's waking up to a tidy environment or returning home after a long day of work. So, if you are also thinking of heading towards spring cleaning, here are a few benefits that should motivate you.


Maintains sense of control

When life feels out of control, maintaining cleanliness and order at home allows people to feel a sense of control, which can positively impact their overall sense of satisfaction and well-being. For many individuals, cleaning their living space brings an effective emotional benefit, especially because it gives them a sense of control over their environment. Many people find cleaning to be not only satisfying but also an effective way to manage stress and anxiety. When faced with overwhelming problems or situations they can't immediately address, cleaning helps them regain a feeling of control.


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Boosts Your Productivity

Is your workspace cluttered with papers, old coffee mugs, and dried-out pens? If so, taking the time to tidy up can actually help you work better. When your space is organised, it's easier to think clearly and get things done efficiently. So, cleaning up can help you be more productive.


Makes You Goal-oriented

A simple yet effective way to start your day is by making your bed each morning. In fact, the military often emphasises bed-making as a way to set a positive tone for the day among troops. For many, making their bed can seem like one thing ticked off their list, leading to feelings of pride and accomplished. It might even motivate you to tackle other tasks that you might have been putting off.  Simply put, making your bed can put you in a positive mindset that encourages you to keep striving and achieving your goals.


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Lightens Financial Load

Living in a cleaner and more organised environment can have positive effects on many parts of your life, including your finances. If you're often late paying bills because you can't find them in the mess, or if you end up buying things you already own because they're buried somewhere, or even if you eat out more because your kitchen is too cluttered to cook in, then spring cleaning can help you save money in the long run. By organising your space, you can avoid these unnecessary expenses.


Reduces Stress and Make You Happier

Let's be honest, clutter can be stressful. But when you know where everything is and your space is tidy, it can help reduce stress and make you happier. Having clutter around can make it harder for you to focus and think clearly. In a messy environment, your brain may struggle to process information as effectively as it does in a tidy, organised space. You've probably experienced the difference yourself – a clean kitchen or a neatly arranged closet just feels nicer and more relaxing. You don't need a scientist to confirm what you already know from experience.


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Letting Go Can Be Liberating

Spring cleaning isn't just about tidying up; it's also about letting go of things you no longer need. It's a chance to make space for new things and clear out what's been cluttering your life. Consider donating items you no longer use—it not only helps others but also frees up space in your home. So, embrace spring cleaning as an opportunity for positive change.


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And finally, don't let perfectionism hold you back. It's natural for the mess to seem overwhelming at first, especially as you start decluttering. Keep in mind the satisfaction you'll feel once the cleaning is done, and don't be intimidated by the initial chaos. Keep going, and remember that progress is more important than perfection.



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