UR.Life OHC Success Story

A recent incident of an employee having seizures shows that employers must be prepared at any time. It also highlights the need for a comprehensive medical emergency response plan at work. 

By Aditi
08 Mar 2023

The quick and prompt response of the staff at the UR.Life Occupational Health Centre at a manufacturing company recently helped save the life of one of their employees. The employee, who was around 35 to 40 years, began experiencing multiple episodes of seizure at work, which led the team leader to immediately inform the on-site UR.Life medical centre.


An established emergency medical protocol was put into action, where the doctor and nurse reported at the site and examined the patient. The patient was then immediately taken to the medical centre using a predetermined medically safe transport technique. At the OHC, the nurse began checking vitals and saw that the blood pressure levels were higher than normal along with the pulse rate. The doctor also examined the patient and came to the conclusion that the patient was in the middle stages of seizures and promptly inserted an oral (oropharyngeal) airway to maintain airflow to the lungs, followed by IV lines and a loading dose. 


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After the administration of the loading dose, the patient’s condition began stabilising. As the doctor began reviewing the patient’s medical history, it was found out that the patient had a history of seizures and was not taking prescribed medication for the condition regularly. The OHC staff then followed the emergency medical protocol, where an ambulance was called and the patient was quickly transported to the nearest hospital. To prevent further seizures, the OHC nurse travelled with the patient and monitored them throughout the journey. 


During the transportation process, the staff nurse also informed the hospital staff about the case and the medical history of the patient. The hospital immediately admitted the patient, and the emergency contact details were also given in case of any updates. After handing over the patient to the hospital staff, the OHC team followed up on the patient’s status regularly to ensure that everything was going well. 


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At the hospital, the patient was put under the emergency unit doctor’s supervision for 24 hours. Upon finding the patient’s condition stable, he was discharged and advised to return for a follow-up consultation. The quick response, immediate support and timely intervention of the OHC medical team ensured that the patient was able to reach the hospital safely without any problems. 


This incident highlights the necessity of having an established medical emergency response and trained staff at workplaces to avoid any accidents or health scares. With UR.Life OHC, you can ensure that your workplace is a safe and healthy environment to work at, and that any medical problems are dealt with swiftly without endangering your employees. 


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