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Becoming More Conscious and Making Better Decisions

Being overwhelmed with information in today’s world is fairly common, but it can lead us into making unconscious decisions that can have long-term implications. Trauma-informed therapist Michele Paradise helps you become more conscious in your daily life while increasing muscle memory so you can set boundaries and achieve compassionate communication.

By Aditi
11 Jul 2022

People today are exposed to more information in a day than many of our ancestors were exposed to during their entire lifetimes. The amount of information that can be processed in our brains has naturally increased over time, but it can also lead us to feel overwhelmed. Many of the motions throughout the day can be done in an unconscious state, relying on muscle memory rather than active awareness. Trauma-informed therapist Michele Paradise shares ways to be more aware about your actions and decisions, while improving muscle memory.


Her latest video on why you should be setting boundaries and compassionately communicating with those around you will enlighten you to be more in control of your life. Learn how to manage your relationships and your day with her help.


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