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6 Ways Team Leaders Can Boost Employee Morale

Employee morale is a direct indicator of the health of your company culture, the effectiveness of your managers, and how well you and other leaders interact with teams. Here are six ways you can boost morale at work.

By Simran
15 Feb 2023

Employee morale is a crucial aspect of any successful business. When your employees are motivated, engaged, and satisfied, they are more likely to be productive, provide excellent service, and have a positive impact on your company culture. On the other hand, low morale can lead to decreased productivity, increased absenteeism, and high turnover rates.

In fact 65 per cent of professionals identified improving employee morale and preventing burnout as a top priority in 2021 in the wake of a global pandemic that’s strained the global economy and impacted the mental health and well-being of workers worldwide.


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Fortunately, there are many ways to boost employee morale. Here, we’ll discuss some of the most effective strategies that can help create a more positive and productive workplace.


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Show Appreciation

A 2019 report by O.C. Tanner found that 79 per cent of employees who quit their jobs cite a lack of appreciation as a key reason for leaving. One of the most effective ways to boost employee morale is to show your people that you appreciate their hard work and contributions. This can be as simple as saying “thank you” or giving a small gift, such as a gift card or a certificate of appreciation. By showing that you value your teammates, you can help them feel more motivated and engaged in their work.


Provide Opportunities For Growth

Most individuals want to feel like they are making progress in their careers. As such, providing opportunities for growth and development can be a powerful way to boost employee morale. This can include opportunities like offering training programs, mentorship programmes. When employees feel like they have a path forward, they are more likely to be motivated and engaged well in their work.


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Foster A Positive Work Environment

A survey by the Harvard Business Review found that companies with positive cultures experienced a 14% increase in employee productivity and a 12 per cent increase in customer satisfaction.

Work culture is set by team leaders. A positive work environment can have a significant impact on employee morale. Make sure that your workplace is a positive and supportive place where employees feel comfortable and respected. Encourage open communication, provide opportunities for socialising, and create a culture of collaboration and teamwork. Address employee stress and burnout by providing access to mental health resources, such as counselling and therapy, through UR.Life OHC.


Recognize And Celebrate Successes

This can be a powerful tool to boost employee morale. When people achieve a goal or accomplish something significant, make sure to acknowledge their success and celebrate it in a meaningful way. This can be as simple as giving a shout-out during a team meeting or hosting a small celebration.


Promote Work-Life Balance

As per research 20 per cent of American employees stress out about their families, finances, and health for more than five hours a week at work. That translates into 5 hours each week of demoralising anxiety.

The fix? As a team leader, champion work-life balance. Put policies in place where your people are not expected to answer work calls or emails after hours. If such policies are unavoidable when business demands are high then ensure there are avenues for your staff to blow off steam. Think: Work-from-home policies, paid time off, self-care sessions, and flexible hours.


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Encourage Plants In The Workspace

A 2010 study by the new University of Technology, Sydney, found significant reductions in stress among workers when plants were introduced to their workspace. Results included a 37 per cent fall in reported tension and anxiety; a 58 per cent drop in depression or dejection; a 44 per cent decrease in anger and hostility; and a 38 per cent reduction in fatigue.

Boosting employee morale is essential to the success of any business. By showing appreciation, providing opportunities for growth, fostering a positive work environment, recognizing and celebrating successes, offering flexibility, and providing adequate support and resources, you can create a more motivated and engaged workforce. Remember, happy employees are productive employees, and a positive workplace culture can lead to improved employee retention, higher productivity, and ultimately, increased business success.


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