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Boardroom Etiquette: 5 Ways To Elevate Your Boardroom Presence

Making a great impression at the workplace is crucial especially when important discussions are going on. Discover the dos and don'ts for navigating a professional environment with confidence.

By URLife Team
19 Dec 2022

It's no surprise that workplace etiquette is essential for professional success. Good manners, politeness, and respect are all key components of conducting yourself well in a professional environment. Keeping track of all the rules and regulations that come with holding a successful meeting can often take time and effort. To help you out, we've compiled some essential rules for proper boardroom etiquette at the workplace.


What is Boardroom Etiquette?

Have you ever gone to a meeting and felt out of place? You’re not alone. Boardroom etiquette can be tricky to master. It can be intimidating to enter a new group setting, especially if you're unsure of what's expected from you as a participant. But with some basic knowledge, you can feel more confident and make sure everyone leaves on a good note.

Boardroom etiquette is the set of manners and decorum one should use when attending meetings or engaging in professional conversations at the workplace. Practising these social rules is important to make everyone feel comfortable and respected in a business setting. After all, if you don't know the right thing to do or say in the boardroom, it may negatively affect your job performance or professional reputation.


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Elevate Your Boardroom Presence: Etiquette Rules To Know and Follow

1. Book the Conference Room Ahead of Time

Booking the conference room ahead of time is one of the essential rules that everyone should know, no matter what their position is within an organisation. When booking the conference room, be sure to select one that’s suitable for all attendees. Consider factors such as size and amenities when selecting the most appropriate space for your team. Pick a spot which is convenient for everyone to get there on time but far enough away from distractions like busy streets or shopping centres.

If possible, find out what type of equipment or features may be necessary for the meeting, such as audio/visual tools or presentation capabilities, and book accordingly. Doing your research beforehand will ensure smooth sailing once everyone arrives at the meeting.


2. Don't Leave The Boardroom Messy

No one likes a messy boardroom. Not only is it unprofessional and uninviting, but it can also create an environment that isn’t conducive to productivity. When people are in the boardroom for a meeting, they want to be able to focus on the task at hand, which becomes difficult if the space is cluttered and full of mess.

That’s why practising good boardroom etiquette is imperative, especially when it comes to leaving things in order after a meeting has concluded. Cleaning up after yourself can make all the difference in creating a comfortable and respectable atmosphere for your colleagues. This means clearing away food wrappers and empty water bottles, putting chairs back in place, tidying up documents and wiping down any surfaces that may have been used during the meeting.

Not only will this help streamline future events, but will also show empathy and thoughtfulness towards your colleagues who may use the room later on.


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3. Be the Perfect Host: Get Ready Beforehand

Firstly, as the host, make sure that everyone who will be attending has been sent the meeting agenda and all relevant materials well before the date of the meeting. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page and will give them enough time to read over any documents they may need to reference during the meeting.

Secondly, be sure to craft a clear objective for each agenda item so that there is no confusion as to what you want to discuss or how long it should take. Finally, be sure you’re familiar with all attendees’ roles so that you can call upon them when needed without disruption.

You must bring all relevant files with you, as well as pens, paper, and any other materials necessary for taking notes. Do a quick check around the boardroom before participants arrive to make sure everything is in order.


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4. Listen to Who’s Speaking and Maintain Eye Contact

A boardroom is a place of business where individuals discuss their ideas and opinions that can have a lasting impact on the company. In order to ensure that everyone involved is heard to reach a successful outcome, it’s important to adhere to certain etiquette rules. For instance, listening to who is speaking and maintaining eye contact are two key components of proper boardroom etiquette.

When someone is speaking, they should always have your full attention. Listening actively includes avoiding distractions such as scrolling through emails or writing notes while another person is talking. Doing this shows respect for those who are expressing their opinion by indicating that you value what they have to say. In addition to listening carefully, maintaining eye contact is a sign that shows you’re fully attentive and involved.


5. Minimise the Distractions

When you are in a boardroom, you must keep interruptions to a minimum. Ensure that all mobile phones are on silent during the meeting. Additionally, consider placing a notice outside the room indicating that a meeting is in progress to avoid unexpected disruption. If it is a virtual meet, make sure you’re on mute when not speaking – this eliminates any potential disruption.

Overall, the objective of any workplace is to stay focused and respectful throughout meetings or any interactions with colleagues. Practising these tips will help create a culture of respect and collaboration, and structure and will ensure that everyone in the room is feeling their best to be able to put their best foot forward.

If you’re new to a workplace, following good boardroom etiquette allows you to be seen as a valuable asset to the team. Remember, your behaviour directly reflects on the company’s reputation, so it pays to be professional and courteous at all times.


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