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Boost Engagement At Work With Employee Health Coaching, Try The UR.Life Plan

An employees’ health has a direct impact on their performance at work. With UR.Life’s health and nutritional plans you can facilitate multi-faceted improvement in your team’s well-being by investing in their mental and physical health. Studies show that companies that prioritise their employee’s well-being attract top talent and enjoy greater engagement from their people.

By Simran
06 Feb 2023

In today's fast-paced and demanding work environment, it is not uncommon for employees to experience stress, burnout, and other health-related issues. This can lead to decreased productivity, increased absenteeism, and a less motivated workforce.

As per a 2022 Bureau of Labor Statistics report, ‘’About 7.8 million workers missed work in January 2022 because they had an illness, injury, or medical problem or appointment, up from 3.7 million in January 2021’’. Also, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (USA), chronic illnesses, such as heart disease and diabetes, are the leading causes of long-term absenteeism in the workplace.

To combat these issues, many companies are turning to employee health coaching programs. Here are the many benefits of investing in your workforce through employee health coaching.


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What Is Employee Health Coaching?

Corporate health coaching is a service that provides employees with access to professional coaches who can assist them in achieving their health and wellness goals. These coaches may work with employees individually or in groups and may be available in person, by phone, online, or a combination of these methods.

Health coaches help employees recognise the impact of their lifestyle choices on their (physical and mental) health and encourage them to find the motivation and take concrete steps to make positive changes.

By working closely with dieticians, physical trainers or therapists individuals can recognise challenges and areas for improvement. With the right toolkit to informed decisions about their health, these coaches can empower individuals to take the necessary steps to improve their health and well-being. Personalised corporate wellness plans are key to building a resilient workforce in today’s turbulent times.


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The Link Between Employee Health Coaching And Engagement At Work

1. Improved Physical Health

Personalised employee wellness programs can help employees improve their physical health by providing education on healthy lifestyle choices, such as diet, exercise, and stress management. This can lead to better overall health and reduced risk of chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Better health directly correlates to reduced absenteeism, where employees take fewer sick leaves and are more energetic at work. The Impact of Workplace Health Promotion on Absenteeism: A Systematic Review (2015) looked at 21 previous studies and found that workplace health promotion programs, such as health screenings and lifestyle interventions, can lead to reductions in absenteeism.


2. Improved Mental Health

In addition to improving physical health, employee health coaching programs can also help improve mental health. These programs include providing education on stress management techniques, as well as resources for addressing mental health concerns such as anger management, anxiety and depression.


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3. Increased Productivity

A healthy workforce is a productive workforce. Employees who feel physically and mentally well are more likely to be engaged and motivated on the job, leading to increased productivity and overall job satisfaction.

As per the study by the University of California, 2017, companies that provide employee wellness programmes experienced a considerable boost in worker productivity.


4. Lower Healthcare Costs

Investing in employee health coaching programs can also help reduce healthcare costs for the company and its employees. By promoting healthy lifestyle choices, employees are less likely to experience health problems and require medical attention, leading to lower healthcare costs for everyone involved.


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5. Improved Employee Retention

By 2030, there will be an 85 million-person worldwide human skill shortfall, according to a 2016 ‘’Winning with Wellness’’ report presented by the US Chamber of Commerce. Employee health coaching programs show employees that their health and well-being are a priority for the company. This can lead to increased employee satisfaction and improved employee retention, as employees are more likely to stay with a company that values their health and well-being.

Investing in employee health coaching programs can bring numerous benefits to employees and the company. From improved physical and mental health to increased productivity and lower healthcare costs, employee health coaching programs are a smart investment for any company looking to create a healthy and motivated workforce.


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With the UR.Life Corporate Wellness programme, we help you to invest in your well-being through seamless interventions and targeted medical treatments. Our holistic wellness approach caters to all aspects of your well-being. We ensure that you are able to bring your whole self to work.

With our medical professionals by your side, routine health check-ups will never be an issue. Advanced laboratory technologies back UR.Life’s Occupation Health Centers (OHC), and with highly qualified experts/technicians, we’re committed to delivering trusted and quality recommendations, modifications and advice for you.


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