Bollywood Dancing: The Cardio You Need

Looking to work out anywhere at any time? The holiday season may have got you on the move, but that doesn’t mean you should pause your fitness regime. Try out Bollywood dancing and see the results for yourself!

By Aditi
27 Oct 2022

Ever heard a Bollywood song that you just can’t seem to stop thinking about? You wouldn’t be the only person who’s been guilty of dancing to a Bollywood tune or two, especially when alone. There’s something about Bollywood songs, whether it’s the rhythm, lyrics or dance moves, which ingratiates itself into all of our lives.

But when it comes to working out, you might not feel the same type of pleasure as you do about Bollywood songs. And who can complain? Working out and breaking into a sweat isn’t for everyone, at least not till you find a workout that works for you.

And that’s the beauty of Bollywood dancing. It combines your favourite music and some dance moves to make for a killer workout. Whether you’re at home alone, in a hotel room, or even sitting by the beach, do it anywhere, at any time, and feel the instant endorphin rush.


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How Much Weight Can You Lose?

Not all dancing is the same. Comparing ballroom dancing with Zumba might sound laughable to someone who knows what they are, but most wouldn’t even know the difference. Using a blanket statement saying that all dance types burn up to a certain number of calories per hour would neither be accurate nor a true depiction of how demanding dance can be. When it comes to Bollywood dancing, it’s a rigorous fitness routine that can burn up to 800 calories per hour (but that’s all depending on how much energy and effort you put in).

You can find low-intensity and high-intensity Bollywood dance workouts depending on what you’re in the mood for. And if nothing else works, feel free to recreate the same exact routine as seen in the movies! As long as your body is moving, you’re bound to burn some calories. Do what feels good to you, and the rest will follow.


How To Make Any Bollywood Song a Workout

If you want to make your very own playlist of Bollywood tunes to work out to, there needs to be a clear intention. Are you getting ready to attend a party after this workout? Then it might be best to include some party-worthy songs that hype you up for the event you’re attending right after. Thinking of Punjabi songs that let you practise some bhangra? Add those to your dance workout playlist.


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Add songs that you know will boost your mood and energy, or if that’s too much work, there are plenty of resources available online. We’ve added one for you to check out here, but there are plenty more channels where you can find playlists to dance along to.


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Dress for the Occasion

Whether you choose to wear your usual workout clothes or want to set the mood by mimicking Bollywood fashion, the choice is completely up to you. But a word of caution here: if you’re planning on making it an intense workout, we would recommend that you stick to breathable fabrics and clothing to avoid feeling uncomfortable.

Moisture-wicking fabric like spandex or nylon is a great option for Bollywood dancing. While you can dance barefoot, wearing shoes with good ankle support will help you avoid any injuries during the session itself. Make sure to minimise any distractions, whether it’s your earrings or your hair.


Sweat Through It With a Smile

When you’re really into your dance moves, it can work up a sweat in no time. Remember to stay hydrated to avoid any dizziness or weakness during and after your workout. If you’re suffering from any pre-existing injuries, it would be best to modify the moves, so they’re comfortable for you to do.

Don’t forget to warm up and cool down after each session to prevent any injuries, and you’re good to go! Always remember this, Bollywood dancing isn’t just about losing weight or being fit. It’s about building your confidence, being a part of a community and finding an enjoyable way to move your body. If you’re stuck and can’t find any good workouts to follow, here are some of our favourites:





Get Your Bollywood Groove On

A question you might have at this point would be, is Bollywood dancing really for everyone? And the answer is yes. Whether you’re a beginner who’s never danced a day in your life (and swaying to music at events doesn’t count!) or a professional dancer with years of experience, Bollywood dancing is inclusive. Set your intensity and pace according to your comfort, and enjoy the process rather than focusing on the result.

Make it an exercise event for you and your pals, and see who has the best moves to make it interesting. This holiday season, when you’re looking for a quick and fun way to get your body moving, give Bollywood dancing a shot and see how it goes!


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