Energising Prenatal Yoga Flow for the Second and Third Trimester

Prenatal yoga is not only gentle on your body, but can also strengthen your muscles, prepare you for labour and deepen your connection with your baby. In this video, yoga teacher Elouise Lakshya demonstrates a basic prenatal yoga flow that will leave you feeling energised and blissful.

By Shreya Maji
14 Mar 2022

Prenatal yoga can be the key to a happy, healthy pregnancy, in terms of both your physical and mental health. It strengthens the pelvic floor, hip and abdominal core muscles, which better prepares you for labour, and helps deal with common pregnancy complaints like lower back pain, headaches and nausea. Yogic methods of deep breathing and mindfulness can calm your pregnancy-related stress and worries, and deepen your connection with your baby. This easy yoga flow can be the perfect way to boost your mood and feel energised, especially if you are in your second or third trimester.


Make sure to consult your general physician or gynaecologist before you attempt any of these exercises during pregnancy.


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Elouise, also known as Lakshya, is a certified Hatha, Yin, prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher. Originally from Holland and now based in Mumbai, India, Lakshya aims to provide support and guidance to students and veterans of yoga by teaching them about awareness, proper alignment and mindfulness.


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