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Make Your Workplace Less Stressful With UR.Life OHC

No matter how well you maintain your composure, you eventually reach a point where work stress affects your performance. Organisations are using URLife's OHC services to create a less stressful work atmosphere, here’s how we can help.

By Namami
17 Feb 2023

Work is a place of innovation, creativity and hard work. Today, a quick, creative, forward-thinking worker who can accomplish more in less time is most sought after. But the culture of hustling and hard work eventually leads to productivity loss and fatigue.

A 2002 study titled Causes and Management of Stress at Work by the Journal of British Media Journal (BMJ) found, “Situations that are likely to cause stress are those that are unpredictable, uncontrollable, uncertain, ambiguous or unfamiliar, or involving conflict, loss or performance expectations.” Time-limited events, such as the pressure of studies or work deadlines, employment instability, or lengthy commutes, can all lead to stress.


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How To Reduce Stress In The Workplace

According to a 2007 study titled ‘Work Stress and Leadership Development’ by the Journal of Human Resource Management Review, high-strain jobs where demands are high and control is low can lead to a high risk of physical illness and psychological strain on our mental health. Leaders need to reconsider their strategy with employees if they want to combat burnout successfully.

Companies should concentrate on lowering workplace stress by increasing psychological safety, Incorporating regular break times during the workday, encouraging the use of private workspaces when team members need to focus, setting boundaries around time outside of work, providing flexible work policies, and being transparent.

1. Advocate wellness

Companies should be dedicated to good mental health through easy, engaging, and innovative practices such as providing a safe work environment with access to emergency care and psychological support.


2. Encourage the use of therapists

Providing first-hand access to therapy and counselling will help employees be more vocal about their struggles.


3. Educate employees on healthy ways to beat stress

Offer educational seminars, and webinars on mental health by experts and provide engaging health talks that educate employees on the most recent breakthroughs, research, and strategies to stay healthy and build new skills.


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4. Give employees access to specialist medical care

Companies should provide specialised services that can help employees make targeted interventions for their health. It can include regular health risk assessments, personalised care for lifestyle ailments.


5. Allow for flexible hours and remote working

Your workplace should feel like a place that is conducive to healthy well-being, and should make you feel motivated instead of disheartened. Include active breaks in the working day and make it clear to your staff that their performance, not the time they clock in or out, determines how well they do their jobs.

There are days when our triggers outnumber the things that relieve stress. For such a time, URLife's OHC services are the ideal fit for your stress relief.


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Offering Holistic Corporate Wellness: UR.Life Occupational Health Centers

URLife's holistic wellness approach identifies the factors that will enable you to achieve a stress-free workplace experience to create a healthy lifestyle that proritises physical and mental health well-being.

  • At Corporate Wellness, we help you to invest in your well-being through our seamless intervention medical programs.
  • Our holistic wellness approach caters to all aspects of your well-being. This ensures that you can bring your whole self to work.
  • We are backed by advanced laboratory technologies, and with highly qualified therapists and doctors, we’re committed to delivering trusted health records always.

With UR.Life Corporate Wellness by your side, stress will never be an issue. The complete holistic wellbeing package offers lifestyle solutions, consultations, and other customised services to help your employees love to live a fit and healthy life.


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