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URLife Wellness Calendar - June 2022

Well-being is a passage of highs and lows. If you are not feeling like yourself lately, it’s time to restart your wellness journey and do something productive and meaningful in your life. The URLife’s monthly wellness calendar is a good place to take steps towards your well being.

By Sadhana Kumari
01 Jun 2022


Wellness Calendar June 2022


1st: Sip electrolyte drinks to beat the heat

2nd: Turn off your mobile after 10pm

3rd: Plan an early morning walk

4th: Groom your pet to maintain it’s hygiene

5th: Do Acroyoga to challenge yourself

6th: Apply hydrating face packs to get clear and supple skin

7th: Take care of your mental well-being. Hang out with your friends

8th: Add planks to your workout to improve your core muscles

9th: Beat the heat with a glass of buttermilk

10th: Make a weekly diet chart

11th: Go for a candle-light dinner with your partner

12th: Detox with this turmeric shot

13th: Pamper your feet with a pedicure

14th: Dim the lights and sip chamomile tea to sleep soundly

15th: Read a book at bedtime

16th: Relax sore muscles using a foam roller or a massage gun

17th: Grow your own herbs

18th: Work on being the best version of yourself

19th: Listen to your favourite music to unwind

20th: Appreciate yourself for coming this far

21st: Complete your daily tasks before time

22nd: Take deep breath and clear your thoughts

23rd: Donate blood

24th: Schedule an appointment with your doctor

25th: Relax your eyes by splashing cold water

26th: Recharge yourself with a power nap

27th: Sort out differences with your partner

28th: Reduce excess caffeine intake

29th: Listen to women’s wellness podcasts

30th: Apply a Vitamin C serum


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Wellness Calendar: June






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