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Improving Employees’ Mental Health: Ways UR.Life Can Help Managers

Leaders can build a more inclusive, happy, and productive workplace by understanding factors affecting mental health at work. Companies that offer support for their employees' mental health are more likely to be successful.

By Namami
10 Feb 2023

A new shift is occurring in corporate India, where companies are now actively supporting their employees’ mental health. A disgruntled employee can affect the company’s work culture and thereby reduce productivity. Workers fare better in an environment where they feel heard and seen, where their mental health is being supported.

A 2022 McKinsey Health Institute survey found, India witnessed a 38 per cent rise in burnout levels due to organisational commitments and distress. It points out a persistent disconnection between how employees and their managers perceive mental health and well-being in organisations.


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Here's How Managers Can Support Their Employees' Mental Health

Employees globally are more pressured than ever, which explains the abrupt increase in burnout and anxiety. A 2022 McKinsey Health Institute survey of nearly 15,000 employees and 1000 human resource decision makers in 15 countries found, Indian respondents expressed increased outcomes of —burnout, distress, anxiety, and depression. For each outcome factor, around four in ten employees reported symptoms of toxic workplace behaviour and organisational accountability.

The study discovered that toxic workplace behaviour is the most important linked factor, covering for about 90% of all respondents. This also accounts for employees’ intent to leave their job.


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1. Give Employees Time To Ask For Support

Therapy or counselling is a personal choice. Sometimes all a person may need is just a talk with their close ones, while others may seek further help. Not providing them room or time to think may jeopardise their privacy, leading to even more reluctance.


2. Have Regular One-on-One Meetings

Regular one-on-one talks are essential. In a confidential setting, a simple "How are you?" can do wonders. After COVID-19 and multiple lockdowns, mental health has become a priority for many people. As a manager, you also need to show your team that their mental wellness is as vital to you as any other key performance indicator.


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3. Establish Reasonable And Flexible Deliverables

Managers must display empathy by identifying employees who may be struggling. Engage with them through conversations, and listen to them while modelling inclusive flexibility.


4. Talk About Your Struggles

As a leader, it’s important to relate to your employees’ struggles. Sharing your personal stories with them will make them more vocal about their struggles.


What Is UR.Life’s Role In Providing Mental Health Support?

Managers or leaders in India face a substantial challenge supporting their employees' mental health. Mental health is an aspect that must be dealt with holistically and UR.Life can help arm team leaders with the right toolkit. Founded and led by Upasana Kamineni Konidela, a next-generation entrepreneur from the Apollo Hospitals Family, UR.Life is the only 360° holistic healthcare platform in India, exclusively catering to mental health awareness at the workspace. Our expert-focused and evidence-based approach make our nutrition plans, movement programs, and mental health toolbox the best in the industry.


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URLife's holistic wellness approach identifies the factors that will enable you to encourage your people to create a healthy lifestyle that proritises physical and mental health well-being.

  • We commit to helping you achieve good mental health through simple, creative, and fun practices that make it an enjoyable experience.
  • We offer webinars and seminars on mental health by experts and provide engaging health talks that educate employees on the most recent breakthroughs, health research, and strategies to stay healthy.
  • We share engaging and infomational content on mental health, nutrition, movements and more, so that your team leaders are well versed with new developments.
  • Our team of certified medical professionals, celebrity fitness experts, and nutritionists give you first-hand access to health tips, nutrition and diet plans. The complete holistic well being package offers lifestyle solutions, consultations, and other customised services to help your employees love a live a fit and healthy life


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Offering Onsite Emergency Care: UR.Life’s Occupational Health Centers

At Corporate Wellness, we help you to invest in your well-being through our seamless intervention medical programs of healthcare. Our holistic wellness approach caters to all aspects of your well-being. This ensures that you are able to bring your whole self to work.

With UR.Life Corporate Wellness by your side, routine health check-ups will never be an issue. UR.Life’s Occupation Health Centers (OHC) are backed by advanced laboratory technologies, and with highly qualified experts/technicians, we’re committed to delivering trusted health records always. We provide:

  • On-Demand Training for Managers
  • On-Demand Mental Health support
  • Personalised Nutrition Plans for Better Health
  • Doctor on site
  • Stress Management


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Offering Assessment To Check Risk Status: UR.Life’s Health Risk Assessments

Health Risk Assessment offers health risk status for Diabetic, Cardiac, Exercise, Sleep, Nutrition & Stress. Recommendations are given based on the risk score to control and manage the risks.

  • Expert nutritionists and doctors provide personalised recommendations for diet and lifestyle for optimal health.
  • Our evidence-based approach with food regimens, movement programmes, and mental health resources sets us apart from our competitors.


Offering Holistic Fitness Journey: UR.Life Studios

UR.Life Studio is a premier destination for all things health, wellness and fitness. Equipped with celebrity trainers, expert nutritionists and elite physiotherapists, UR.Life studios provide luxurious and bespoke wellness experiences.

  • Our two stunning properties in Jubilee and Kavuri Hills, Hyderabad features a swimming pool, gym, spa, rehabilitation centre and cafe.
  • Our team of highly trained experts are adept at customising personalised training and nutrition plans to help you meet your health goals.
  • We offer classes in Zumba, CrossFit, aerobics and more.
  • Our cafe features more than 100 dishes from around the world to tantalise your tastebuds. Visit our cafe and make it your hangout spot!


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