5 Meal-Replacing Lunch Smoothies For Working Professionals

Smoothies are the key to healthy fats and proteins and less junk to more wholesome lunch. So, the next time you are looking for some nutritious meal replacement smoothies, go through these recipes! These lunch smoothies will keep your cravings in check throughout the whole day.

By Namami
09 Dec 2022

Working professionals can have very little time for lunch breaks. In such scenarios, a healthy and quick smoothie recipe can not only control their hunger but also provide essential nutrients to the body. On busy days, smoothies can act as an ideal meal replacement option for lunch as they are nutritious, and protein-packed.

Sports and preventive nutritionist Shiny Surendran (Chennai) explains which smoothies should be consumed as meal-replacements. Her specializations in sports and preventive nutrition have helped many high profile athletes.

"Smoothies are best consumed immediately after preparing. This way, all nutrients are utilized. Spoilage rate is high in nutrients that get oxidized when exposed to air and light" said Shiny, emphasizing on timely consumption of fresh smoothies.


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Here are 5 best meal replacement smoothies for a delicious midday meal:


1. Banana Smoothie With Nut Milk

It's time for a peanut butter and banana smoothie! This wonderful combo is an unbeatable combination in almost every way. It's one of those simple smoothie recipes that you wouldn’t get enough of. Nut milk is a good non-dairy alternative if you are looking for vegan options.


2. Ginger Tulsi Almond Smoothie

This delicious tulsi smoothie will help soothe your nerves and clear your gut. . Tulsi, or Holy Basil, was used by ancient cultures for its healing and rejuvenating qualities and has medicinal properties that can help strengthen the immune system.


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3. Betel Leaves Smoothie

Betel leaves are rich in fiber with 2.0g for every 100 gms. Beneficial for increasing antioxidants that clear radicals from the body, betel leaves also help in restoring normal PH levels in the body. To make this smoothie, include one banana and one kiwi with two cups of nut milk. Adding a teaspoon of sugar is optional.


4. Spinach Smoothie

Another green leaf, spinach, is high in fiber with 2.6g for every 100 gms. Beneficial for gut health, drinking a spinach-based smoothie can help avoid constipation besides also providing essential minerals like potassium and magnesium. Some healthy smoothies that include spinach as a base ingredient are spinach, banana smoothie, and mango spinach smoothie.


5. Nuts and Seeds Smoothie

Three healthy optional additions to your smoothies are:

Chia seeds:

Adding chia seeds to your smoothie provides a nice crunch as well as a hefty dose of fibre. 100 grams of chia seeds has about 34.4g of fiber, which means just by having a table-spoon, you get nearly 5 grams of fiber, fulfilling 20 percent of your RDA of fiber.

Sweet Basil Seeds:

Basil seeds are rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. This indicates that it has anti-inflammatory qualities. The most basic step is to soak two teaspoons of sabja seeds.

Adding almonds:

Adding one tablespoon of almonds provides you 1g of fiber meeting percent of your daily requirement. “You can either crush them up, sprinkle on top or blend them whole into your smoothies to create a thick and satisfying drink.” Try almonds with milk or banana to get a perfectly healthy naturally-sweet drink.


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Q. Can a smoothie make a complete meal?

A. Yes, smoothies can be a complete meal. For those who have a poor appetite for breakfast or dinner, this can be incorporated as a small meal which brings in the daily dose of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.


Q. What ingredients can I add to my smoothies to make them healthy and filling?

A. Coconut or lemon-infused water, greens like betel leaves, tulsi or curry leaves or spinach and celery are some great options to include in a smoothie. Some other options are seed mixture, nut milk, grated coconut or coconut milk, protein powder like whey or soy or peas protein.


Q. How can I safely add veggies to my smoothies? Should they be raw or cooked?

A. Tulsi, Betel leaves, Spinach, Carrot, Beetroot, Tomatoes, Celery, Leek, Curry leaves, Coriander leaves, Gooseberry are some of the herbs which can be safely consumed raw. Raw vegetables or herbs - pick organically grown ones to reduce toxic load. Certain vegetables are best consumed and cooked. It's good to know the difference.


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