Customised Nutritional Plans Can Boost Employee Health, Here's Why

Offering personalised nutrition plans is a win-win situation for orginasations. Let’s explore why.

By Namami
13 Feb 2023

Workplace wellness initiatives are growing rapidly. Companies are increasingly implementing employee wellness initiatives to boost engagement at work, lower healthcare costs and improve employee morale. Multiple studies have found that workplaces with employee wellness programmes have lower healthcare expenses than those without them.

While on-site fitness centres are a common perk in most organisations, access to personalised nutritional plans is offered by a few. At UR.Life, we approach wellness with a holistic lens. Fitness alone will not make a huge impact on an individual's health but if it is combined with a tailor-made nutritional plan that caters to their health concerns, the results are phenomenal.


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Benefits Of Customised Nutrition Plan For Worker And Employer

According to a 2005 study by the International Labour Organisation, in India the cost of lost productivity, illness and death due to malnutrition is US$10 to 28 billion, or 3 to 9 percent of gross domestic product. The benefits of customised wholesome meals hence go for both employees’ and employer’s health:

1) Reduced sick days

By providing employees with information on diet, cigarette use, exercise, and other topics, employers can have a big impact on how employees take care of their health.

This can improve production, cut down on sick days, and raise staff morale. Studies demonstrating decreased absenteeism rates and decreased healthcare expenses when wellness programmes are properly implemented have demonstrated the effectiveness of this approach. A Center for Disease Control and Prevention study shows that 75% of corporate healthcare expenses are spent on chronic diseases, mostly diet-related. This results in poor work experience, absenteeism and functional limitation.


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2) Reduced risk of chronic diseases

A customised meal plan can be tailored to reduce risk of chronic disease among the workforce. These meal plans can also help support ongoing medical treatments for conditions like hypertension, diabetes and more to boost immunity.


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3) Smarter decisions about diet

A 2016 study titled Food4Me found that people who have access to customised nutrition plans showed double the improvement in overall healthiness of their diets. They made smarter choices regarding salt-intake and red meat-intake.

Giving employees access to healthy food at work eliminates guessing and saves time spent looking for quick, inexpensive, and wholesome lunch options. With all of their urgent work duties and responsibilities, employees lack the time and the drive to give healthy food a second thought. Offering staff options like fresh produce, yoghurt, almonds, granola bars, smoothies, oats, and yoghurt might make it easier for them to discover healthy foods.


5) Matching individual needs

Every individual’s body responds in unique ways to change in diet and exercise. A customised diet plan can change health outcomes that have a lasting positive impact on a person’s life. For instance, adding a particular food item or a minor tweak to meal timings can help an individual improve their blood glucose levels. Another may notice better cholesterol levels from eliminating a food item.


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Offering Wholesome Nutrition: UR.Life’s Health Risk Assessment

Health Risk Assessment offers health risk status for Diabetic, Cardiac, Exercise, Sleep, Nutrition & Stress. Our recommendations are based on the risk score to control and manage health hazards, which distinguishes us from our competition. With suggestions of balanced nutritional meal plans for organisations, employees are provided with:

  • Dietary Plans
  • Nutritional Audits
  • Personalised Health Advice
  • Expert nutritionists and doctors with personalised recommendations for diet and lifestyle for optimal health.
  • Our evidence-based approach for food regimens, movement programmes, and mental health resources.


Need all your wellness solutions in one place? A whole new world awaits just a click away.









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