Easy Food Recipes For Busy Work Days

Are busy weekdays making it impossible to eat healthy? Try these quick and simple workday meals that nourish your soul and body.

By URLife Team
18 Mar 2023

We all have experienced busy weekdays where every day feels like a marathon we have to complete. Amid such busy schedules, we often tend to miss or forget to prepare a healthy meal.


And, after a long and tiring day, we want to indulge in a type of meal that not only soothes our souls and nourishes our bodies that can be prepared quickly. At times when you are too busy to make something for yourself, you just end up putting together items available in your fridge. Or else, we end up ordering comfort food that surely burns a hole in our pockets.


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Good thing is that comfort food has an incomparable taste that never fails to please and satisfies hunger with minimum effort. Whether you are having a bad day or simply missing home-cooked food, we have got some quick recipes from experts and our in-house menu that are perfect to whip up on busy days. Some quick recipes from Chef, and curator of Tasty Food Tales and Table Scapes, Natasha Mehta and UR.Life cafe can save your day. Although it is all about personal preferences, there are some recipes for go-to comfort food that can be made in a blink of an eye and served to the table.

Today, with an ever-growing variety of ingredients in the kitchen, one can easily make recipes without disturbing the authentication of the origin.


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Natasha’s Recipes

1. Natasha’s Poached Pears With Beet And Ricotta

This is another delicious and simple recipe for your tiring office days that will please you. With just a mild use of spice it makes a fantastic and healthy breakfast or dinner option. Poached Pear, is a classic French recipe that is delightfully flavorful with a perfect balance of sweet, spice, and fruity flavours, and the deep red colour that makes it a beautiful food centrepiece too.


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2. Natasha’s Barley Salad

Barley is a cereal grain that is a great substitute for rice as it helps to reduce blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol. Barley’s potassium, folate, iron, and vitamin B-6 content make it a perfect ingredient for a healthy recipe. Also, its high fibre content aids in digestion, weight management, and satiety. A fresh light salad for busy professionals can be done easily with minimum effort. With a handful of herbs, some tossed veggies and nuts will not only make it look colourful but also satiating.


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3. Natasha’s Sun Dried Tomato And Spinach Frittata

Spinach frittata is another great option for breakfast, brunch, or a quick dinner. Sun-dried tomatoes have anti-inflammatory properties and also supply antioxidants, protein, and Omega-3s.


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UR.Life Cafe Recipes

1. Beetroot Wrap

Wraps are a versatile way to eat your veggies, but they can taste even better with enhanced nutrition when blended with beetroot. These vibrant-coloured beetroot wraps stuffed with sauteed vegetables make the perfect on-the-go food recipe with the dip of your choice.


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2. Oats Apple Smoothie

An oats apple smoothie is a great recipe for busy people. This easy-to-make apple-oat smoothie is loaded with nutrients that leave you feeling full in a short time. This beverage contains fibre, vitamins, protein, and minerals. If you want to eat a healthier breakfast that does not take much time to make, try this scrumptious smoothie. Let's see what you'll need to execute the recipe.


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3. Ragi Idli


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