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Easy Steps To Grow Your Own Herbs and Vegetables

With the increase in the use of colouring agents and pesticides to make vegetables look pretty, let’s face it—we never know what we are eating. If you too are concerned about the quality of your food, it's time to take up a rewarding hobby growing your own vegetables. Here are a few tips to get you started.

By Hima
27 May 2022

The food we get at our local market has travelled a long way to reach us. By growing our own produce, we can cut down the food miles to zero. Also, we often are not aware of what chemicals the plants are exposed to during large-scale farming. Thus, it can be very satisfying to enjoy freshly picked homegrown produce with superb flavour and high nutrition. Here are a few tips to help you grow your favourite veggies at home.


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Tips for Growing Tomatoes at Home


Good news for you, you need not go to a nursery to buy tomato seeds. You can use the tomatoes in your fridge for seeds. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind while growing tomatoes.

1. While sowing tomato seeds, make sure to give plenty of room for the seedlings to grow and branch out.

2. Tomatoes need bright and direct sunlight along with a gentle breeze to develop strong stems so we suggest you find a cozy spot near the window for your plant.

3. Water regularly while the fruits are growing as tomatoes start to rot when they don’t get enough water.

4. Once the fruit is ripe, you can ease on watering.

5. As the plant grows, trim the leaves near the bottom.


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How to Grow Basil at Home


There is nothing better than picking fresh basil leaves right off your pot and adding it to pizza or pasta. Basil is easy to sow and quick to grow. Here are quick tips to follow while growing basil.

1. Basil grows well in bright warm locations, so we suggest you position your plant near a sunny window.

2. The soil must be highly nutritious and slightly moist while sowing the seeds.

3. The soil should not be soaking wet because basil is not tolerant to water stress and is very sensitive to cold.

4. Basil grows well both indoors and outdoors.

5. Basil can be planted among other herbs and vegetables, it thrives well when planted with tomatoes and parsley.


Advice For Mint Lovers to Grow it on Your Own


Just like basil, mint is an easy herb to grow. Follow the pointers to remember while growing mint at home.

1. Growing mint in a pot is the best bet because mint roots are very invasive.

2. May is the best time to grow mint as the threat of frost has passed.

3. While sowing sparsely spread the seeds and cover the seeds lightly with potting soil.

4. Keep the soil moist, as mint grows well in damp, moist soil that drains water well with enriched compost.

5. A moderate temperature is mint’s best friend, so while choosing a location, find a spot that receives morning sunlight and a bit of afternoon shade.


How to Grow Peppers on Your Own


Growing peppers is easy, however, it demands proper care during the early stages of growth. Here are a few guiding points to ensure you good harvest

1. The temperature is very critical for the growth of the pepper plant. So it is advised to always start the pepper seedlings during the beginning of summer to provide warmth.

2. Before planting, it is best to mix compost and coarse sand into the soil.

3. Keeping the plant in a well-draining potting soil covered with plastic wrap will help you monitor the water requirement. Water droplets form on the underside of the plastic indicating that the plant has sufficient water. When the water droplets disappear, it's a cue to water the plant.

4. As they begin to grow, they start green and then proceed to take on colour.


Advice on Growing Garlic


Just like tomatoes, you can spare a trip to the nursery while growing garlic. Here are tips to help you grow garlic with ease.

1. Fresh green stalks, flowers, and garlic bulbs can be used to start the growth of the plant.

2. The spring season is the perfect time for planting garlic.

3. Garlic often requires a deep pot with proper water draining holes.

4. If you are planting the cloves (greens), place them close to each other. On the other, if you plan on using the garlic bulbs, place them sparsely

5. It grows well with 6 hours of sunlight per day in evenly moist soil







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