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3 Exercises That Build Strong, Toned Thighs

You can’t spot reduce fat—but with the right workout routine, you can however, firm up certain areas of your body. Here’s how you can tone your leg muscles, and get rid of flabby thighs.

By Shreya
30 Nov 2021

For most of us who try to lose weight, there is always a struggle with certain parts of the body. The stubborn fat from these sites just doesn’t seem to respond well despite our repeated efforts! While the arms, upper back and forearms seem to respond very quickly to weight training, but the abdomen and thighs are generally unresponsive. So if you are wondering how to lose thigh fat, you’ve come to the right place. To bring in some significant changes to the aesthetic profile of the lower body, we need to be smart about our choice of exercises and selection of loads (weight). So here are some exercises to reduce thigh fat that not only tighten but tone the thighs too! Add the below sequence into your training routine to replace fat with muscle.


Barbell back squat complex:

No, this is not your regular back squat exercise. In this particular variation, you have to pair back squats with an aerobic exercise like rowing or skipping. This keeps your heart rate elevated and as you progress forward in the set, it gets harder and harder. Choose an exercise to pair with the squat that doesn’t interfere with the quality of the upcoming sets. Choose a weight that you can maintain for all sets. The weight should be moderate enough, that you are able to perform 8-12 reps without compromising on the quality. Perform 4 sets of back squats for 8-12 repetitions each, paired with 30-45 seconds of aerobic activity, followed by a minute of rest before the next set. This variation will attack the fat tissues of your lower body and help you lose thigh fat.


Stair climbing intervals:

If how to lose thigh fat has been keeping you awake at night, you must check out this killer variation for your leg muscles. Try stair climbing for intervals at the end of your workout to lose thigh fat. After finishing your weight training routine, adopt this variation to help accelerate fat burning. Unlike running, this variation is much harder on the cardiovascular system and the inclined terrain helps strengthen the muscles and joints of your lower body. Perform one-minute intervals with 45 seconds break between sets for six rounds and that should be it. However, those with knee pain should be careful while performing this exercise.


Sled push:

The sled push is great for conditioning the body for different sports or long-distance running, and some runners even use it to recover after an injury. It involves engaging your glutes, hips, back, hamstrings, calves, core, triceps, and shoulders all at once that is why it is referred to as an all-out high-intensity exercise to lose thigh fat, whether you load the sled with heavy weights or not. This is what makes it a great full-body exercise for those willing to challenge their fitness.





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