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5 Benefits of Exercise That Have Nothing To Do With Weight Loss

Running behind your exercise regime? Don’t worry, we have got your back. Read this to find motivation and get back on track.

By Hima
11 May 2022

To achieve healthy living, exercise is critical, shows an article published in Healthy Lifestyle Journal, 2022. A relatively healthy exercise routine can help prevent cardiovascular complications and cancer risk. However, often we turn our back against exercise owing to our busy lives. Here's the latest research outlining why we shouldn’t abandon exercise.


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Exercise Protects the Brain

We often associate exercise with physical health. Recent studies prove that exercise helps us maintain both our physical and mental health equally. A study published this year (2022) in the American Academy of Neurology, a medical journal clearly outlines how regular exercise helps in protecting brain cells. Exercise plays a significant role in maintaining insulin and body mass index. By keeping under control insulin and body mass, exercise in turn affects preserving the brain volume. An added benefit to maintaining brain volume is to wager off dementia. Proper physical activity and brain volume advocate reduced risks of dementia, suggests a longitudinal study in The Journal of Gerontology, 2019.


Exercise for Longer Life

Exercise and physical activity work in multiple layers. In fact, exercise has an effect on every cell of the body and thus has a larger outcome independent of weight loss. A study from the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, 2022, suggests that regular exercise and improved fitness reduced the risk of mortality by 15 to 60 per cent in both men and women. The study further went on to explain that exercise increases the aerobic capacity of the heart. However, moderation is key. Extreme exercise will nullify the said benefits and thus will cause harm to the body, found a meta-analysis from the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, 2022.


Exercise to Counter Diabetes

A study by Medical College of Georgia scientists in The FASEB Journal, 2022 provides evidence on how exercise will help in managing diabetes. They show that exercise enables the production of ATP7A, a protein that can activate angiogenesis. Angiogenesis is the ability to form new blood vessels that are damaged in diabetes. Also, a study from Tohoku University in the Journal of Diabetes in March 2022 showed that exercise during pregnancy lowers the risk of Type II diabetes in the offspring.


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Exercise to Fight Against Cancer

The findings of Newcastle University scientists published in the International Journal of Cancer, 2022, show that exercise helps the body release a protein that aids in fighting cancer. Previous studies showed that exercise reduces the risk of getting bowel cancer.


Exercise Reduces Depression

The association between weight gain and depression is long known. Weight loss that results in getting fit instantly boosts confidence. A study from Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews, 2022, shows that exercise breaks the vicious cycle of inflammation (due to an increase in blood glucose level) in cases of long COVID. Thus, it prevents developing diabetes and depression. Also, new findings in the Psychology of Sport and Exercise Journal, 2022 show that exercise amplifies the benefits of therapy in people suffering from depression.






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