6 Health Screenings All Women Should Have

You could have endless chores on your list. These could be meetings, childcare, shopping, cooking, cleaning, and more. It's quite possible to feel overwhelmed, and put your own needs aside as a result. This International Women's Health Day, put yourself on the top of the list and schedule these six most important health tests.

By D Tejaswi
28 May 2022

A health test taken at the right time helps you to keep ailments at bay, avoid advanced symptoms and understand your body better. Here are a few important health checks you should take once a year.


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Test Age Frequency Pre-Test Care Post-Test Care
Pap Smear & HPV Above 25 Once in 3-5 years until 65 years age Non menstruating, Avoid sexual intercourse or spermicidal products a day before test May experience slight bleeding or discomfort in vaginal area for one day.
Mammogram Above 40 Once in 1-2 years Avoid body powders, deodarants or creams on breasts which can show as white spots on X ray May experience slight discomfort in breasts for sometime post examination
Bone Density Screening Above 65(After menopause for high risk & obese women) Once in 1-2 years Don't wear any garments containing metal which can skew X-Rays Nil
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Above 18 Once in a year Nil Nil
Colon Cancer Screening Above 45 Fecal immunochemical test (FIT) every year Having liquid diet for 24 to 72hrs before test Rest until sedative wears off. Advised not to drive or handle heavy equipment for 24hours
Hormone blood tests All ages As per professional opinion Nil Nil


  • All the tests indicated above are in addition to the general & gender agnostic tests which are recommended/prescribed at a given age, symptoms & daignosis by a medical professional


  • All the information given above is indicative and cannot be substituted for professional medical advice. Please contact a qualified medical professional in case of doubt/query.




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