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7 Books On Women’s Health That Educate And Empower

How well do you know your body? Did you know about the mind-vagina connection? Re-educate yourself on female anatomy, health and sexuality with this reading list.

By URLife Team
18 Jun 2021
The Vagina Bible by Dr Jen Gunter


Written with wit, this women’s health book answers all the pertinent questions from how to avoid a UTI, trans women and new anatomy, dealing with painful intercourse, and much more. No junk science here—it is fact-based, inclusive information for all.
The Vagina Bible


The Hormone Cure by Sara Gottfried


Pick this one to arm yourself with an arsenal of well-researched information on finding hormonal balance. The author combines integrative therapy through supplements, bioidentical hormones and herbal therapy with rigorous science to find hormonal balance.


Vagina: A Re-education by Lynn Enright


A conversation starter—this book debunks misconceptions and taboo around reproductive health. It challenges cultural silence around periods, the hesitation to use the word vagina, and more.



Know your endo
Know Your Endo by Jessica Murnane


The author who has stage IV endometriosis chronicles how she transformed her life with the right information and care. She offers resources, support, and diet and lifestyle advice to tackle this disease.



Set Boundaries, Find Peace by Nedra Glover Tawwab


Sometimes the hardest thing can be to say No. Read this for advice on speaking up for yourself, dealing with toxic people and lessons on living life on your own terms.

Set Boundaries



No Straight Thing
No Straight Thing Was Ever Made by Urvashi Bahuguna


A collection of essays on navigating mental illness where facts meet personal narrative.



Vagina: A New Biography by Naomi Wolf


This book challenges our understanding of the vagina. Through a personal narrative, Naomi uncovers research that explores the “mind-vagina” connection.

Vagina hc


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