A Yogi Tells Us Why Your Relationship Needs AcroYoga

When you’re ready to embrace fitness with your partner, adopting AcroYoga into your routine is the perfect idea. New Delhi-based AcroYoga instructor, Arjun Verma tells us more about what AcroYoga is and what you should expect when looking to get started.

By Aditi
15 May 2022

Yoga is the art of balance. But not many would have heard of AcroYoga and its benefits. AcroYoga is a practice that came into existence by combining Yoga, Acrobatics, and Therapeutic massage, which encourages personal transformation. AcroYoga invites you to develop your mind and body. It opens opportunities to give and receive support and experience the strength of healing while having fun with your community.


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AcroYoga embraces community, partnerships, and trust. AcroYoga is a partnership or group activity among two or more people where yoga, strength and emotions are shared through communication. Parters connect by communicating through eyes, feet, and hands, as well as through voice and touch. There are mainly two types of practices present in AcroYoga. They are:


Lunar Healing Arts Practice: Lunar Healing Arts Practice supports healing and relaxation. Lunar gives birth to deep listening, caring touch, and the ability to give and receive from others. In Lunar AcroYoga practice, the base (the giver) uses fundamentals of therapeutic massage while the flyer relaxes and surrenders their control trusting their partner. It is based on checking the flow of energy in the receiver's body, removing its blockages, and simultaneously sharing thoughts, emotions, prayers, and vibrations. It radiates a positive flow of energy and improves mental health.


The lunar elements include -

  • The Lunar Asana Sequence
  • Partner Yoga Massage
  • Therapeutic flying
  • Meditation




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Solar Acrobatics Practice: Solar Acrobatics practice supports empowerment, activeness, engagement, and embodiment of the flyer. Solar AcroYoga practice gives birth to flexibility and body strength. In solar, the focus is more active, dynamic, and engaged. This practice includes advanced AcroYoga flows (also called washing machine), standing partner acrobatics, and inversions. It's advisable to practice this under the guidance of a teacher as the chances of injuries are considerable in absence of proper monitoring.


The solar elements include -

  • The Solar Asana Sequence
  • Strength and flexibility building exercises
  • Inversions and spotting
  • Partner Acrobatics


Some solar practices are shown below pics -





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Benefits of AcroYoga

In reality, the benefits of AcroYoga vary from person to person. The positive impacts it draws on people's minds and body depends on the circumstances they have been through. The benefits of AcroYoga are:


  • Increases body strength and flexibility: AcroYoga is a movement and play exercise. It is dynamic, and your body goes through different ranges of motion and points of balance. Therefore, it increases the strength of the body and makes it flexible.
  • Builds balance: Various researches show that yoga-based exercises help build the balance of the body and promote better functioning of all the organs.
  • Reduces stress and calms the mind: It is the best way to relieve stress and treat mind-related issues as you get a medium to express your emotions through this practice.
  • Improves concentration: AcroYoga increases the ability to think and promotes the better functioning of the conscious and subconscious mind.
  • Making new friends and understanding others on a deeper level: AcroYoga heals the body through meaningful human connection, which helps in understanding your partner at a deeper level. It builds better communication and understanding between the partners or groups. It is also used as an effective tool for couples therapy in Western countries.


AcroYoga gives much-needed human connection, changes the environment, and fills you with positivity. It offers you a good company in the form of your practice partner or community. Moreover, it not only shows you your own capabilities but the strength to overcome the dynamic nature of your partner and maintain balance.


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Arjun Verma is a certified AcroYoga International Teacher, Yoga 200 hours certified teacher, and Certified CBT practitioner. He has worked for 12 years in the corporate world before switching to holistic wellness. Currently, he is pursuing Masters in Applied Psychology to further deepen his understanding of the human mind and better help others. He likes working with people towards a better quality of life, resolving anxiety, and relationships issues and building a meaningful life.




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