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Addressing All Your Post Covid-19 Vaccination Concerns

So, you’ve received both of your shots and are fully vaccinated now. But should you keep wearing your face-mask? And how long till you can workout again? Our experts Dr. Sneha Varahala, Pharm.D and Dr. Sunitanarra Reddy, ID specialist, Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad answer all your queries below.

By Dr. Sneha Varahala and Dr. Sunitanarra Reddy
20 Jun 2021


Q. Why shouldn’t we rub the injected area after vaccination?
A. Generally, ?rubbing?or massaging the?injection?site?area?should be avoided through the time the drug is expected to reach peak levels to avoid intended absorption patterns.


Q. Why do we have to wear masks even after getting vaccinated?
A. The vaccine prevents the severity of illness but not the infection. Hence, Covid appropriate behavior must be followed


Q. How do we check immune response post vaccination?
A. There is currently no requirement to check immune response post vaccination. But if advised an antibody test can be done


Q. For how many days should we avoid other medications post vaccination?
A. There is no need to avoid any medication during vaccination


Q. Can we do strength training every day?
A. Yes, though it is advised to do low intensity workout for the first two days post vaccination.


Q. Can I run after getting vaccinated?
A. Yes, but stay away from high-intensity workouts for a couple of days.


Q. Can we take supplements post-vaccination?
A. Yes


Q. What should be my diet after getting jabbed?
A. A normal healthy diet




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