Ask A Dermatologist: How To Treat Dark Circles?

The treatment for dark circles isn't always straightforward and so you need to find the right cause to begin with. Here’s what a dermatologist prescribes to lighten the under-eye hyperpigmentation.

By D Tejaswi
25 Jun 2022

More than 45 per cent of people aged 16-25 years have dark circles under the eyes, says Indian Journal of Dermatology. The skin under your eyes is very fragile and delicate. Further, multiple factors impact hyperpigmentation including hormonal changes, excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation, and collagen loss. Lack of sleep, smoking and underlying conditions such as PCOS are also the other causes of puffiness around the eyes. While there are quick measures such as applying cold compress and tea bags, here are other potential treatment options you should know. Watch the video where Dr Jaishree Sharad shares on how to treat dark circles.







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