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Ask the Expert: What’s the Best Covid-19 Vaccine Out There?

Here are the answers to your most commonly asked Covid-19 vaccine-related questions. Our prime advice? Don’t delay the process. If you can, book your vaccination appointment today. Our experts Dr. Sneha Varahala, Pharm.D and Dr. Sunitanarra Reddy, ID specialist, Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad answer your queries below:

By Dr. Sneha Varahala and Dr. Sunitanarra Reddy
19 Jun 2021


Q. Which vaccine should I take: Covishield, Covaxin or Sputnik V?
Whichever option is available at your nearest clinic or vaccination center.


Q. Is it safe to take Covaxin, even though it hasn’t been approved by the WHO yet?
Covaxin has already passed the Phase-2 trials, which proves its safety.


Q. Can I take Covaxin or Sputnik V as the second dose after taking the first dose of Covishield?
Currently, there is no evidence supporting the mixing and matching of these vaccines. Hence, it is advised to take two doses of the same vaccine.


Q. How long will it take for the antibodies to develop after taking Covishield?
It can take up to fifteen days after?receiving the second dose.


Q. Is the vaccine safe for people above the age of seventy?
Yes, anyone above the age of eighteen can take the vaccine.





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