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Easy & Delicious Mango Popsicles

Cool down this summer with refreshing Mango popsicles that revitalise you from the inside out. Be hydrated and energised this summer with this classic health upgrade - with Natasha Mehta

By Aditi
20 Apr 2022

When you are looking for quick and easy recipes to cool you down this summer, chef, Curator of Tasty Food Tales and Table Scapes Natasha Mehta has the ultimate mango popsicle to keep you sated. It combines a colourful medley of flavours, and takes no time to prepare! And it’s healthy!


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Ingredients list

  • 2 Mangoes (pulp)
  • 1 Can Coconut Milk ( use the top portion of the coconut cream that is formed in the can)
  • 1 Cup of Almond Milk (or any plant-based milk)
  • 2 Tbsp Honey
  • Juice of 1 Lime
  • 1 Tbsp Vanilla Extract (optional)
  • ½ Cup Shredded Coconut




Step 1 :

You will need a popsicle mold and wooden popsicle sticks.

Step 2 :

Lay it flat, insert the wooden popsicle sticks and evenly pour in the mango pulp.

Step 3 :

From the can of coconut milk, using a spoon lightly scoop out the cream layer that is formed at the top of the can.

Step 4 :

Blend the cream with almond milk, honey, vanilla, and lime juice.

Step 5 :

Pour it over the mango pulp and freeze.

Step 6 :

Before serving sprinkle the frozen popsicles with grated coconut.







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