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Home Workout From Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Vinod Channa

How to workout without a home gym? Use everyday items, from a hand towel to a coffee cup.

By D Tejaswi
19 May 2021

How to workout without a home gym? Use everyday items, from a hand towel to a coffee cup.

Don’t have weights or a stability ball? Take a look at this at-home workout with items you can easily find at home—a towel, a chair or cup or a cereal container. Mumbai-based fitness trainer, Vinod Channa, who has trained John Abhraham and Shilpa Shetty, guides you on how to exercise effectively with the stuff you have at home. These home workout tips are quick and easy!


All you have is a cup or an empty cereal box? Read on.

1. Sitting Leg Raise Clap: This is an effective exercise for lower abs. It tones the legs, and strengthens the abdomen muscles. Do this using a cup.
How to: Sit comfortably and form a V with your legs, keeping cup/container between the feet.Lean back and rest on your palms. Raise the legs so as one toe touches with the heel of the foot. See that your legs do not touch the cup while doing the exercise. Repeat 10 times.

2. Sitting Leg Raise Side to Side: A minor addition to the exercise above, you move the legs from one side to other. This targets your thighs, and helps build strength in the glutes and calf muscles. Do this using a cup
How to: Sit in the position above. Place both your feet together on one side of the container. Take turns and move your legs to change sides. Do not touch the box/container while doing this. Repeat 10 times.

Workout Tip: To make it challenging replace the cup with a cereal container.

3. Sitting Knee Tucks: When done well, these target the core and improve balance.
How to: Sit in the above position. Bend your legs to tuck the knees. Keep changing the sides. Take care to not displace the position of container while doing the exercise. Repeat 10 times.

Workout Tip: Bring out your dining table or study chair to amp up your workout.

4. Side Plank Adductors: These engage the core, and help tone shoulders and hips. They also help reduce lower-back pain.
How to: Keep a chair near a yoga mat or carpet. Place your hands on the mat and one leg on the chair. Now, turn to a side while resting one arm on your waist.Move the leg that’s on the floor up and down, so that it touches the chair. Repeat this exercise as long as you are comfortable for both the sides.

Workout Tip: Build intensity and add a burst of cardio with a simple hand towel.

5. Pushup with Knee Tuck: Traditionally known to build upper body strength, push ups are a great full body move. A twist to this exercise, the knee tucks along with a the push up helps to get the heart rate up. Do this using a hand towel.
How to: Place a hand towel under your toes. Get into a plank position, hands slightly wider than the shoulders. Bend your elbows and lower down to the mat, while using your core to balance. Push the towel back and forth to tuck the knee. Then come up to plank. That’s one rep. Repeat 5-10 times.





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