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How Taking a Couple’s Vacation can Improve Your Mental Health and Strengthen Your Relationship

The concept of planning a getaway and spending some quality time with your partner may have been around since the dawn of time—but the recently discovered mental health benefits of taking a couple’s vacation will give you several valid reasons to embrace escapism.

By URLife Team
09 Mar 2022

Just as we entered the new decade, a global pandemic took control of our lives. Words like “lockdown” and “quarantine” became an inseparable part of our daily jargon and the prospects of stepping outside the house for leisure, much less taking a vacation were cut short. Couples were forced to spend a lot of time together while being cooped up in their apartments. This did bring a lot of people closer but it also caused friction in many other relationships. Now that the pandemic has slowed down a little, things have started to open up. People are eating out again and hopping on planes, albeit with more precaution. This brings us to our point of discussion: now, more than ever, we need to take a break—a real break, not just a long weekend from our stressed-out lives and it’s best if we do so with our significant others.


It’s not just about a little change of scenery. Taking a couple’s vacation has proven to reduce stress, improve relationships and strengthen bonds. Here are five reasons why you should be holidaying with your partner right now.


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It helps you take a real break from reality

From pending office work to household chores—everyday life is full of events that will have you max out on your stress levels. These occurrences might seem insignificant but they can easily get in the way of you and your partner spending quality time together. A study conducted by the American Psychological Association found that vacations work to reduce stress by removing people from the activities and environments that they associate with stress and anxiety. So it’s a no-brainer that a vacation will help you remove yourself from this 9-to-5 routine and give you enough time to focus on your relationship. They don’t call it a “getaway” for no reason.


Gives you the opportunity to perform a digital detox together

We all know that our day-to-day grind requires us to use a plethora of digital devices. But ever since the pandemic started, we have been glued to our phones and laptops more than ever before. This digital dependency not only harms your physical and mental health but also reduces the chances of you and your partner spending time together. A vacation gives you the perfect opportunity to switch off your devices and enjoy each other’s company.



Makes you learn new things about each other

We all know that travelling to new places helps us connect with our inner selves. Now add your significant other to the mix and you’ll realise that the opportunities of learning something new about them are endless. Being out of your comfort zone and trying new things together brings out traits and interests you didn’t even know you had. This will help you discover new sides of your partner’s personality and see them in a different light.


Helps you build trust and intimacy

Teamwork is the foundation of a healthy relationship, and there is no better way to take it out for a test run than through travelling. When you walk down unfamiliar paths, you will be required to work together. Your strengths will balance out your partner’s weaknesses and vice versa. While you do this, you will notice that you’re communicating more openly—you’re speaking your mind, sharing your thoughts and even encouraging your partner to do the same. Not only is this process healthy on its own, but it can also bring you closer and help you rediscover true intimacy.


Helps improve your productivity levels

Engaging in activities that make you happy helps your brain release dopamine and serotonin. These chemicals not only have a short-term impact on improving your mood but also affect your performance at work. According to a research paper published in the Harvard Business Review, taking a relaxing vacation results in improved productivity, lower stress and better overall mental health. It also boosts your creativity levels.


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