Inspiring Affirmations For Working Parents

Affirmations are quick mantras you can recite to boost your mental health, confidence, and overall happiness. On the days when you feel burned out, create healthy affirmations to reinforce parenthood with ease.

14 Dec 2022

Balancing work and life can be challenging as an adult, but even harder with children involved. While there are many learning curves ahead of you, there’s no reason to feel guilty or upset when situations don’t work out the way you imagined them to. Instead of focusing on what’s lacking, it might be better to think about what you’ve learnt from these situations.

Working parents often feel guilty for spending time away from their kids. As a parent, you’re probably worrying over your child’s health, happiness, and growth. Trying to manage work simultaneously can lead to times when you feel guilty, or overwhelmed; this is where positive affirmations come in. Parenting affirmations are quick mantras you can recite to combat any negative thoughts and take back control. The beauty of a daily positive affirmation is that it reminds you to be strong and proves to be an encouragement in challenging situations.

Affirmations shouldn’t be ‘toxically’ positive, but rather direct, reassuring, and empowering. Let’s look at some real-time scenarios that every parent faces and how they can tackle situations using positive affirmations.


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1. Affirmation for new parents

“Today is a new day for our family. I’ll do the best I can for my kid(s)”


2. Affirmations for when your work and family schedules clash

“I am a good parent who is having a rough day and will manage personal and professional business well.”


3. Affirmations for when you feel you are not doing enough at work

“I love what I do and will work on my flaws to contribute to the production.


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4. Affirmation for when you feel you are failing at parenting

“I am persistent to learn and become a better parent with each passing day.”


5. Affirmation for when your child is throwing tantrums and crying inconsolably.

“My child is not giving me a hard time, they are having a hard time, and I can help.”


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6. Affirmation for when your child gets sick suddenly while you have to go to work.

I am doing the best I can for my child. I am the exact parent that my child needs”


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