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Konidela Filter Coffee

URLife’s wellness curator Upasana Kamineni Konidela and her home chef, V. Srinivas share her family's secret filter coffee recipe. Drinking coffee has several benefits, read on to find out.

By Chef V. Srinivas
02 Apr 2020

Filter coffee is a staple drink across many homes in south India. In fact, coffee is more than just a go-to drink in the morning to hit the ground running for many people around the world. If consumed in moderation, coffee can be great for your health too.


As per studies, drinking coffee has been found to be linked to positive emotions such as joy, compassion, love, fulfillment, peace, and yes, happiness. The findings also indicated that there were no negative emotions linked to coffee consumption.


Caffeine also acts as a stimulant to the central nervous system. The most noticeable effect when it reaches your brain is alertness. After a warm cup, you will feel more awake and less tired. As a result, treating or managing drowsiness, headaches, and migraines is very common via coffee.


Coffee beans are the seeds of tiny bright red or yellow fruits of the Coffea arabica tree. Both the fruits and seeds are packed with antioxidants. Studies suggest that coffee was the single biggest contributor to overall antioxidant intake, compared to other products.


Concerned about wastage? The leftovers can always be turned into compost for your garden. This makes this warm drink a truly sustainable one.

Ingredients list

  • Skimmed milk or almond milk: 120 ml
  • Coffee powder: 2 tbsp
  • Jaggery: 5g



Step 1 :

Boil a cup of water. To make the decoction, add coffee powder to the filter, and place the disc on top. Pour the boiled water to the coffee filter. Wait for the decoction to collect into the bottom container.

Step 2 :

Next, pour the required amount of decoction into your coffee mug based on how to prefer your coffee – strong, medium or light. For example, if you prefer stronger coffee pour more and for lighter pour less.

Step 3 :

Next add in the skimmed or almond milk and jaggery to the coffee. You can skip the milk and add water instead if you prefer black coffee. Mix until the jaggery dissolves completely. Serve hot and enjoy!




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