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Massage These Acupressure Points To Ease Headaches

Most throbbing heads can be treated at home and to do so, you must know the right method. Apply pressure to these 5 pressure points to get rid of headaches quickly.

By Sadhana Kumari
23 Mar 2022

We can all agree that headaches are annoying. To ease headaches, we usually run back and forth to a pharmacy or a doctor for a painkiller. But, when you do not have any medicines handy, you might end up using old remedies like tying a headband or towel around your head. These might work sometimes, but you need an effective way to suppress the pain at home. If you also suffer from a headache, then you are not alone. Headaches are a common discomfort experienced by people all over the world. It can happen due to stress, anxiety, or overthinking as well.


Nowadays, there is an increased incidence in headaches, migraine, neck and back pains in young people due their lifestyle and long working hours. According to a 2018 review issued in The American Journal of Medicine, tension-type headache is frequent in 40 percent of the world population and migraine prevails in 10 per cent. Amid various options like medicines, ointment and massages in existence, acupressure is a good alternative to treat headaches.


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Acupressure is a traditional form of alternative medicine that has roots in traditional Chinese medicine (TMC) and has been around for approximately 3,000 years. It has been used to treat various conditions like depression, stress, back pain, migraine and pain in other body parts. Unlike acupuncture, where sharp tiny needles are used, this method uses fingers to apply pressure on certain points to reduce body pains. In a randomised trial published in Journal of Pain And Symptoms Management in 2011, found that this non-invasive acupressure massage is effective in treating everyday pain and promoting relaxation.


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This holistic practice is often recommended by neurologists as a complementary therapy to support their patient's treatment plan. We have spoken to Dr. C. Rajesh Reddy, a senior consultant neurologist, Apollo Health City, at Hyderabad regarding his views and expertise on treating headaches. He says, “Migraine headaches, particularly chronic migraine, need a holistic approach apart from only preventive medication.” According to Dr. Reddy, including dietary precautions, exercises, yoga, meditation, and techniques like acupressure can help ease chronic pains. Acupressure provides good results in reducing the frequency and severity of headaches. Here are some effective acupressure massage points for treating headaches.


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5 Acupressure Points To Ease Headaches


1. Between eyebrows: Apply constant pressure with index finger on the ‘third eye’ spot, between eyebrows for 30 seconds each time for about 10 times.


2. Drilling bamboo points: With both index fingers, apply firm pressure for 10 seconds on the inside of the eyebrow where it connects with the nose bridge.


3. Gates of consciousness: Activate points that sit at the base of your head by applying pressure using the index and middle finger of both hands, and relieve headaches caused by tension in the neck.


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4. Union valley : This is situated on the web of thumb and index finger. Pinch the area using the thumb and index finger of the other hand or try making a circle using the thumb to treat headaches.


5. Shoulder wells: This pressure point is located midway between the shoulder and base of your neck. Apply firm pressure using your thumb on these points for one minute and repeat on the opposite side to ease the headache caused by neck stiffness.


Dr.C. Rajesh Reddy is a senior consultant neurologist, in Apollo health city, at Hyderabad




1. Why do headaches happen?

A: Headache causes due to stress, anxiety, or othersome medical conditions as well.


2. How can I prevent headaches?

A: Being aware and avoiding your headache triggers is one way to prevent a headache. Symptoms can be suppressed with painkillers or acupressure methods


3. Are migraines and headaches the same?

A: A migraine is a form of headache and not all headaches are migraine. It usually occurs on one side of the head and lasts for 2 -72 hours.


4. Who can get migraines?

A: People of and children of any age can experience this traumatic event. Those who have a family history of the condition are highly likely to have migraines.






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