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Pain Management With Eddie Stern

Pain can have an immense effect on your brain and nervous system, which can make it impossible to concentrate on anything else. New York-based Yoga instructor and lecturer Eddie Stern helps your body and mind relax through breathing techniques so pain can become more manageable.

By URLife Team
13 Jun 2022

According to the Arizona Pain and Spine Institute, chronic pain or acute pain is experienced by everyone at some point in their lives. While your brain can process pain, it can’t feel it. In this series by New-York based yoga instructor and lecturer, Eddie Stern helps you understand different types of pain, how pain affects our minds, how to stay calm amid overwhelming sensations and how you can manage them in your daily life. Pain is a protective mechanism. It can be difficult to accomplish activities in our daily lives.


Our nervous system is going to be transmitting messages of pain from the body to the brain. The brain can get confused between lesser pain and intense pain. One of the things we can do in such a situation is to stay calm, relax and let the mind settle to make the decision on what to do, says Stern.

In this video, Stern shares some simple techniques to calm the nervous system and to bring down the levels of pain.


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