The Easiest Ways To Support A New Working Mom

While there is a willingness among women to work after having a child, the lack of support from both their partner and the workplace can hinder their passion. Here are some ways to support working mothers in the workplace.

By URLife Team
08 Feb 2023

According to a 2022 survey conducted by LinkedIn, approximately 70 per cent of Indian working moms considered quitting their jobs, or have already quit them, after the COVID-19 pandemic due to the lack of flexible work policies.

It's evident that new mothers in India are willing to work after a baby, but the lack of support from their partners and workplace can be a huge hurdle. Whether you are a spouse or an HR manager, it doesn't take much to support a working mom. Read on to learn more about how to support working mothers in the workplace.


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5 Ways A Partner Can Help A Working Mom

A partner's support to working mothers can prove to be invaluable. From sharing the load to just being physically and emotionally present, here are five ways you can help your partner who recently re-joined the workforce adapt:

1. Contribute So That Your Partner Can Have Some Personal Time

The biggest challenge of becoming a new mother is the lack of personal time. Add the pressure of working again, and your partner gets no time for herself.

The first few years of motherhood, or parenthood in general, involve lots of sleepless nights and zero time to mingle socially. In such situations, you can help your partner overcome the burden by offering help. This can include taking the baby outside so the mother can get some private time, taking turns doing baby duties, or simply encouraging her to catch up with her friends.


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2. Listen To What She Has To Say

Communicate openly with your partner. If she is a new mom at work, ask her about her challenges and concerns. Feeling guilt, self-doubt, second-guessing the decision to return to work—all these are valid feelings that a new mom may experience. As someone in her life who loves her, you must offer her support and help her find her way.


3. Take The Initiative

Another way in which you can provide support for new moms is by being aware of everything it takes to raise a child to meet their physical and social needs. Don’t wait for her to tell you what you can do. Be proactive to shoulder parenting responsibilities equally.


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4. Show Respect For Motherhood

Motherhood is not easy, and neither is fatherhood. But the key to helping your partner navigate the challenges of work and motherhood is understanding that you are a team and not competitors fighting for who has it worse.

You need to fit yourself in your partner's shoes and understand becoming a mother impacts them—physically and mentally.


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5. You Don't Have To Be Perfect

While it is human nature to have the "I want to be the best at this" attitude in every phase of life, you need to relax about the expectations of becoming a parent. We all want to be the supportive partner to a new mom, but the truth is that not everything can be perfect every time.

Being a good partner does not mean you have to be perfect at all times, but it is more about anticipating your partner’s needs and helping your partner be successful as a working mom.


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How Companies Can Provide Support For Working Moms

Becoming a working mother is all about multitasking. From caring for the baby to making sure she meets the deadlines, it's not an easy task. While much of the support should come from the mom's partner and family, even a company can eliminate major stress from the shoulders of a new mom by employing mom-friendly policies.

Here are some ways in which companies can provide support for working moms:

1. Flexibility Is Key

Working moms need more flexible options. And as an organisation, the first step you can take is to give them flexible work hours, locations, and income opportunities. While there are options of a daycare open for taking the caretaker duties, not everyone can afford it or are willing to use them. Hence, adopting a flexible working schedule can be an excellent support for new moms.


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2. Curb The Gender Pay Gap

It's 2023, and women still face the horrible realities of a gender pay gap globally. According to the World Inequality Report 2022, men receive 82 per cent of the pay for a position, while women only get 18 per cent. Not just this, the Global Gender Gap Report of 2022 ranked India in 135th position out of 146 nations on the gender pay gap scale. While this is better than in 2021, 140 among 156 nations, it's not a commendable improvement.

To show your support for working moms, you need to be that company that takes the initiative to curb the gender pay gap.


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3. Make The Office Space Child-friendly

Implementing an office culture that nurtures the well-being of new mothers is essential for supporting working moms. Consider making the space child-friendly by providing daycare facilities on campus and having a separate breastfeeding room for new moms to ensure they are comfortable.


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Connect To Corporate Wellness Programmes

To truly encourage a supportive environment for new working mothers, everyone around her needs to be empathetic and take the initiative to help. Prioritising mental and physical health during this period is essential for the new mother. Keep the office space accessible to mental health and physical well-being by exploring corporate wellness programmes.

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