What are the Side Effects of the Covid-19 Vaccine?

Covid-19 vaccines have been proven to be well-effective against the coronavirus, but with a vaccination drive as large-scale as this, concerns about the covid 19 vaccine side effects are natural. Our experts Dr. Sneha Varahala, Pharm.D and Dr. Sunitanarra Reddy, ID specialist, Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad answer all your queries below.

By Dr. Sneha Varahala and Dr. Sunitanarra Reddy
20 Jun 2021


Q. What are the most common side effects of covid 19 vaccine?
A. The common side effects of covid-19 vaccine in some individuals could be mild fever and pain at the site of injection.?


Q. Stabbing pain in the right side of the neck and shoulder. Are these all side-effects of covid-19 vaccine?
A. Yes, they are probably because of the vaccine but if the pain persists or worsens for more than three days, it required to be accessed by a physician


Q. My skin started itching and rashes had started appearing all over my hands and legs post-vaccination. What can be the reason behind this?
A. It can be an allergic reaction to the vaccine. Please visit the nearest health care centre immediately


Q. My mother has been having pain in her arm after the jab, it’s been a month now. This has scared us to take our jab.
A. The pain may not be completely related to the vaccination and should be assessed by an expert.


Q. Any specific differences observed in the post vaccination symptoms of different vaccines?
A. Usually both vaccines show similar side effects. Very rare events of demyelinating disorders have been reported following vaccination with Covishield


Q. How long will the after effects of vaccination last? Can we use medications for vaccine fever or body pain?
A. Usually the effects of the vaccine will subside in a day or two and medications can be used for vaccine fever and body pain.


Q. Why are some people experiencing severe joint pains while some are not post vaccination?
A. While some vaccines simply elicit more reactions than others, it is also a fact that everyone reacts differently to a vaccine.


Q. I did not have symptoms like body pain or fever after vaccine. Does it mean that the vaccine has failed?
If you didn’t feel anything a day or two after either dose, that doesn’t mean the vaccine isn’t working.


Q. Are the vaccines causing blood clots?
There are rare reports of blood clots with the Covishield vaccine.


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