Yoga is for Everyone: Take Inspiration From These Five Body-Positive Influencers

Yoga, just like any other fitness practice is mainly represented by slender and athletic bodies. Which might lead to plus-sized people feeling left out. But that’s not the case for these body-positive fitness influencers—they’re not just thriving but also inspiring others to take up yoga—no matter how much you weigh.

By Adarsh Soni
21 Jun 2021



Among the countless celebrity trainers and lean bodies on Instagram—Dolly Singh stands out. For her, yoga is not just an exercise to lose weight but rather to challenge her body’s limits and achieve mental tranquility. Dolly started documenting her fitness journey on social media a few years ago and has amassed a sizable following online.



Valerie Sagun is a yoga enthusiast, installation artist and body positivity activist. She started practicing yoga in college when her instructor gave her a lesson on incorporating yoga with self love. She believes that as long as you have the determination, motivation, and patience anyone can do yoga. You just have to listen to your body, to know when to push it and when to protect it.



Maria Odugba began a journey of learning and studying exercise and wellness in order to heal her mind, body, and spirit. Teaching others how to feel the best in their bodies from the inside out, allowed her to inspire many to let their boundaries go, and get in touch with how holistic practices like yoga can work for them.



Jessica Rihal is a yoga and guided meditation instructor and a strong advocate of normalising fitness for all bodies. She believes that all bodies deserve to be celebrated through movement and in her opinion, fitness practices like yoga should not have a particular end-goal as the process itself is very joyful and liberating.



Luisa Fonseca uses social media like a diary for self-love and self-care. Her Instagram feed is filled with visuals of her effortlessly performing tricky yoga asanas, sharing excerpts from her everyday life and the occasional body-positive affirmations that will inspire you to feel good in your own skin.


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