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Yoga postures for good sleep

Beat pandemic anxiety and insomnia with these easy asanas for better sleep.

By Ira Trivedi
16 May 2021

These restorative yoga postures are all you need for a good night’s sleep. Practice these asanas two minutes before you go to bed. Stay in each pose for as long as it feels comfortable.




Yoga tip: A pillow can be placed under the chest to ease any discomfort in this asana.
  1. Lie face down on the stomach with arms on either side of the body.
  2. Inhale and extend the arms out in front of the body.
  3. Now exhale and relax.
  4. Begin to relax the entire body starting with the toes, moving up the ankles, calves, hips, pelvis and buttocks. Continue up the back, spinal column.


Benefits of Advasana
  1. Aligns and strengthens the spine
  2. Stretches and relaxes the neck



Makra asana (Crocodile pose) Yoga Tip: Your spinal cord tends to get disfigured when the discs lodged in the vertebrae of the spine are dislocated. This asana helps in alignment of the discs.
  1. Lie face down on the stomach with the legs slightly apart.
  2. Making a pillow with the hands, rest the side of the head on the hands.
  3. Adjust the distance of the arms for optimum comfort—if the elbows are too far out, tension will be felt in the neck. If they are too close to the body, tension will occur in the lower back.
  4. As you relax deeper into the asana, bring the awareness of the breath from the tailbone to the neck and feel the breath moving up and down.



Benefits of Makra asana

  • Makarasana asana offers deep relaxation for your shoulders and spine.
  • This asana can ease asthma, knee pain, and any lung related issues.
  • It also helps with slip disc, spondylitis and sciatica.




Matsya kridasana (Flapping fish pose) Instructions:
  1. Lie down on the stomach. Interlock the fingers to create a pillow, rest the right cheek gently on the hands.
  2. Bring the left knee up toward the elbow and shifting the position of the hands, pull the elbow closer to the knee.
  3. Relax and breathe.
  4. Repeat on the other side.


Benefits of Matsya kridasana:

  • Relaxes nerves in the leg thereby relieving sciatic pain
  • Relieves tension in the pelvis
  • Improves digestion





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