Coconut Energy Bites—Snack For Pitta

These nutrient-rich coconut energy bites can be the perfect go-to snack for a balanced pitta dosha.

By URLife Team
29 Jul 2020

The combination of coconut and dry fruits is not new. They are rooted in Indian cuisine and are used as a staple in many states as they contain fibre, healthy fats, plenty of minerals and vitamins. But fruits have their own set of healthy nutrition that they bring to the table. Here are a few health benefits you can acquire when you eat this snack.


Coconuts are especially rich in manganese which is an essential mineral for bone health and the protein, carbohydrates and cholesterol metabolism in our body.


Aids with anaemia

Coconuts are rich in iron and copper minerals that generate healthy red blood cells in the body which help in reducing the risk of developing anaemia.


Curbs cravings

Walnuts are high in calories, but promote satiety. Even after feeling satiated, we sometimes tend to give into cravings as soon as we see crispy French fries or an irresistible cheesecake. Walnuts improve brain function to help us curb cravings such as these.


Vitamin E in walnuts and almonds play a significant role in manufacturing prostaglandins, hormone-like compounds that control several processes in the body like blood flow, inflammation and blood clots.


Heart health

Apart from reducing LDL cholesterol, almonds help reduce oxidation of this cholesterol. Studies suggest that oxidation of LDL cholesterol is the starting point of many heart diseases. This effect is enhanced when combined with antioxidant vitamin E.


Coconut Energy Bites - Full Recipe

  • 6
  • 156
    K calories
  • 5
  • 3/10

Easy Steps


Place the walnuts in a food processor and process until coarsely ground.


Add the dates, and pulse until well-combined with the nuts.


Add the raw carob powder (if you are using it), maple syrup, almond butter, vanilla, and salt.


Process until the mixture is thick and smooth.

Ingredients List
  • Walnuts: ½ cup
  • Whole almonds: ½ cup
  • Almond butter: ½ cup
  • Pitted dates: 4
  • Maple syrup: ¼ cup
  • Vanilla extract: ½ tsp
  • Salt: ¼ tsp
  • Shredded unsweetened coconut: 2 cups
  • Raw carob powder (optional): ¼ cup



Add the almonds, and pulse a few times until well-combined; you want them to remain in crunchy chunks.


Mould the mixture into golf-size balls and roll them in the shredded coconut.


Keep the coconut energy bites in the fridge until they become firm. You can store them in an airtight container for a longer shelf life.

Nutritive Value
  • Carbohydrates: 24.5g
  • Protein: 5.5g
  • Fat: 9.8g
  • Fibre: 3g


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