10 Minute Yoga Asanas For Back pain

Back pain leaving you stiff and unable to go about your day? Watch New York City-based yoga teacher and lecturer Eddie Stern demonstrate yoga asanas for back pain relief.

06 Aug 2022

Back pain is notoriously common and often it is hard to pinpoint the cause unless it has something to do with any injury. Certain back pain can be due to the fact that you are aging. If you are nearing your 30s or 40s, you might feel tension in your back muscles that can range from aching to burning sensation. You might have pulled a muscle while working out in the gym, or even the wrong sleeping position can also cause the pain. Most back pain that people experience is nonspecific lower back pain. In this, you might feel crippling pain in the back when reaching out to pick the phone or bending over to tie your shoes.


Such back pains are triggered by a sedentary lifestyle, where we all are sitting in chairs most of the time and stress that we are all surrounded by. The New York City-based yoga teacher and lecturer Eddie Stern shows a few yoga asanas that you might need to relieve the back pain.


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