Apple Spice Cake

It’s time for Christmas, which means you are ready to have a gala time! What is December without plenty of baked savories, chocolates, and cakes? Try an apple spice cake, which is a lot healthier than plum and rum cakes.

By URLife Team
24 Dec 2020

An apple has immense benefits for your body. Cinnamon doesn’t lag behind too! Find out why this cake is a part of healthier eating arrangement.


Keeps your skin healthy

An apple is a rich source of Vitamin C which protects the cells of your body and keeps you healthy. Vitamin C also plays an important role in maintaining good bones, cartilage and blood vessels.


Effective for cancer

Apple is also known for its rich polyphenol content. Polyphenols are plant-based compounds that offer several advantages for the human body. The skin of the apple contains polyphenols. Research finds that polyphenols reduces risk of cancer.


Supports weight loss

Apple is low in calories and sugar. The skin of the apple has soluble fiber called pectin. Pectin supports weight loss. Secondly, apple is a filling fruit. It keeps you content for a long time, thereby cutting down the unhealthy munching.


Improves diabetic health

Apple is a healthy fruit if you have diabetes. It has impressive amounts of fiber. A calorie negative fruit, it has high water content, which means it has minimal effect on your blood sugar levels.


Promotes healthy heart

Apple keeps cholesterol levels low. It helps fight the risk of heart diseases. The fiber in an apple reduces the “bad” LDL and overall cholesterol by disposing them out of your body before it gets absorbed.


Good nervous health

Apple offers B complex Vitamins for your body. These Vitamins regulate the red blood cells. B complex Vitamins also promotes good nervous health.


Controls fasting glucose levels

Cinnamon is an incredible spice. It contains cinnamaldehyde and eugenol. Clinical trials find that a pinch of cinnamon in the morning reduces plasma fasting glucose levels.


Improves gut health

Cinnamon is beneficial for gut health because it improves probiotic bacteria in your gut. Also, cinnamon helps to reduce inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory properties.


This Christmas take a swing at your cake choice. Besides, decking your hall with beautiful Christmas tree, stars and lights, add a pinch of your style with this unique, apple spice cake.


Apple Spice Cake - Full Spice

  • 12
  • 413
    K calories
  • 40
  • 7/10

Easy Steps


In a bowl, combine coconut sugar, eggs, vanilla essence and mix well until the sugar melts.


Now add all the dry ingredients to the mixture, and knead it well using vegetable oil.


Grease a cake mould, add the mixture and bake it for 25minutes at 180 degrees.

Ingredients List
  • Vegetable oil: 185 ml
  • Coconut sugar: 250 g
  • Eggs: 10
  • Whole wheat flour: 500 g
  • Cinnamon powder: 10 g
  • Vanilla essence: 20 ml
  • Baking powder: 10 g
  • Apple: 450 g


Nutritive Value
  • Carbohydrates: 52.6g
  • Protein: 9.6g
  • Fat: 19.5g
  • Fibre: 5.9g


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