Ask A Dermatologist: What Is The Secret For Healthy, Glowing Skin?

You do it all—cleansed, apply SPF, and never sleep with make-up—yet for some reason your skin doesn’t “glow”. Leave it to Dr Jaishree Sharad to rescue and resurrect your complexion.

By D Tejaswi
27 Jun 2022

30 minutes of exercise, stress relief techniques and a balanced diet, these three mantras improve blood circulation, eases fatigue and gives you a healthy, hydrated skin. After you have perfected these, it is important to carry out some basic skin care routine such as cleansing, moisturisation and sunscreen application. “Don’t forget to hit the outdoors without your sunscreen. Apply it both over your neck and face,” advices Dr Sharad. Watch the full video below to understand how to attain a natural glow.


Watch the video on the secret for a healthy and glowing skin here.


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