Cardiac Rehabilitation: Heal Your Heart At UR.Life

Living with heart disease can be challenging. If you or a loved one has recently had a heart attack, ask your doctor about cardiac rehabilitation. Learn how it can lead to better heart health and quality of life.

By URLife Team
07 May 2023

Did you know that cardiac rehabilitation can reduce your risk of heart attack and cardiovascular death by up to 58 per cent? 


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As per a 2020 report in Medical Journal Armed Forces India, India accounts for more than three million cardiovascular illness-related deaths and the prevalence of the ailment is rising among younger generations (early 30s) too. Major reasons for the rise in cardiovascular diseases in younger people are unhealthy diet, stress, smoking and drinking. Cardiac rehabilitation is a program designed for individuals who have experienced a heart attack, heart-related surgery, or are suffering from other cardiac-related issues. This includes individuals who have had a heart attack, undergone coronary artery bypass surgery, had a heart valve replacement or repair, undergone a heart transplant, or experienced angina or other cardiac-related issues. 

UR.Life cardiac rehabilitation is a personalised program that is tailored to each individual's needs and goals. It includes exercise, education, and personalised support to help you recover from a heart attack, improve heart health, and reduce risk of future cardiac events. Additionally, individuals with multiple risk factors for heart disease, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, or diabetes, may also benefit from cardiac rehabilitation.


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Types of exercises and machines used for cardiac rehab

The types of exercises and machines used in cardiac rehabilitation with telemetry can vary depending on the individual's specific needs and goals, as well as their medical condition and overall fitness level. However, some common types of exercises and machines are often used in cardiac rehabilitation with telemetry:

1. Aerobic exercise machines: Treadmills, stationary bikes, and elliptical trainers are often used for aerobic exercise in cardiac rehabilitation. These machines can be equipped with telemetry monitoring to track heart rate, blood pressure, and other vital signs.

2. Resistance training machines: Resistance training machines, such as weight lifting machines or resistance bands, can be used to help individuals gradually and safely build muscle strength and endurance.

3. Walking programs: Walking programs are often a key component of cardiac rehabilitation. Individuals may start with short walks and gradually increase the duration and intensity of their walks over time.

4. Swimming or water-based exercise: Swimming or other water-based exercises can be beneficial for individuals recovering from a heart-related issue, as they are low-impact and can be easier on the joints and muscles.

5. Yoga or stretching exercises: Yoga or stretching exercises can help improve flexibility, reduce stress, and improve overall relaxation.


The URLife Lifestyle and Management Therapeutic Program (LMTP) provides supervised exercise classes that offer several benefits to individuals looking to improve their overall health and well-being, especially those recovering from a heart-related issue. Here are some of the benefits of the program:


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Ways UR.Life physiotherapy can help you in cardiac rehabilitation

  • Personalised exercise programme: Experts at UR.Life will design an exercise program tailored to your specific needs and goals. The program will consider your medical history, current fitness level, and any physical limitations. The exercise programme will be designed to help you gradually and safely increase your strength, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness.
  • Education and support: During physiotherapy, our certified experts can provide education and support to help you better understand your heart health and the steps you can take to improve it. This may include information on diet, stress management, medication management, and lifestyle changes.
  • Monitoring progress: Your progress is monitored throughout the cardiac rehabilitation program and your plan may be adjusted as needed. This can help ensure you are making progress toward your goals and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Improved overall health: Participating in a cardiac rehabilitation program with UR.Life physiotherapy can lead to improved overall health and quality of life. The program can help reduce the risk of future heart events, improve cardiovascular fitness, reduce stress, and increase confidence and self-esteem.

Join our cardiac rehabilitation programme to receive personalised exercise programs, education, and support to help you recover from a heart-related issue, improve your heart health, and reduce the risk of future cardiac events.


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Success Story

Manjeet, a physically active person, experienced chest pain one day while jogging. He was rushed to the hospital where it was revealed that he was suffering from a heart attack. His doctor recommended cardiac rehabilitation, and he agreed to give it a try. At first, he was hesitant. As he began attending his cardiac rehabilitation sessions at UR.Life, he quickly realised the benefits of the program. He was guided through safe and effective exercises and was given support and education about heart health and lifestyle changes. 

Over time, Manjeet was able to walk longer distances, lift heavier weights, and even returned to jogging. He was also able to make changes to his diet and lifestyle to support his heart health.  Imagine being able to take control of your heart health and live a longer, healthier life. Through the programme, Manjeet was able to reduce his risk of future cardiovascular ailments and improve his overall quality of life.


Going through a heart attack or any other heart issue can be an incredibly stressful and traumatic experience, and it's common for people to experience feelings of anxiety, depression, and fear about their future health. Cardiac rehabilitation programmes recognise the importance of addressing these psychological factors as part of the recovery process. They often include counselling and support services to help patients manage their emotions and cope with the challenges of recovery. These services can be provided by trained professionals such as psychologists and counsellors.

By taking a holistic approach to recovery, these programs can help patients feel more confident, empowered, and supported in their journey toward better health and well-being.


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Rehabilitation Programs Offered At UR.Life

UR Life Studio offers the following programs under its Lifestyle Management and Therapeutic Programs (LMTP) unit:

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Neuro Rehabilitation
  • Ortho Rehabilitation
  • Paediatric Rehabilitation
  • Geriatric Rehabilitation
  • Obesity Management
  • Diabetes management

The following are the USPs of LMTP:

  • Holistic Rehabilitation Approach: involves the medical, physical, and mental aspects of overall health
  • Telemetry Supervised Rehabilitation: a state-of-the-art technique to provide optimal health care
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Six Minutes Walk Test
  • Hydraulics (circuit training studio)
  • VO2 max testing (equipment under servicing)
  • Myo motion analysis (equipment under servicing)
  • Detailed Physical Assessment
  • Wellbeing Counselling
  • Diet Counselling

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