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Easy Self Care For When You’re Trying to Reach A Healthy Weight

If your goal is to lose weight, you may often force yourself into rigorous exercise and harsh dieting. However, it is important to go easy on yourself, appreciate the progress, and give yourself some space for errors. Here’s how you can foster a positive mindset and compassion for yourself.

By Ameya Arora
24 Mar 2022

Embarking on a weight loss journey shows that you are motivated to take responsibility for your body, health, and overall well-being. It is such a powerful step. But sometimes this valuable motivation might come from a dark place, like comparison with others around you or being critical of your body and shape. However, it is really important that the journey of weight loss comes from a place of self-love and compassion.


It should help you feel good, confident, and at peace with yourself. It should not make you bow to the pressure of societal norms and beauty standards. When you think about your weight, you might think about how you look in the mirror, the size of your jeans, and not just about the numbers on the scale. This thinking process can result in two outcomes; the one where you feel happy, satisfied, and pleased with the way you look in the mirror; and the other outcome where you feel sad, dissatisfied, and disheartened. Nonetheless, while you are on your weight loss journey, being satisfied and proud of each and every step of yours leads to a confidence that permeates so many other parts of your life because you know you are the healthiest you have ever been.


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When you embark on a healthy weight loss program, it is necessary to make sure that it inspires you, energizes you, and makes you feel proud of yourself. When you begin a weight loss process from a place of self-love and acceptance, you are more likely to set realistic goals and allow for the little setbacks and disappointments that are a common stumbling block for many. Below, you’ll find some strategies and suggestions to help you remain positive and true to yourself on your road to reaching a healthy weight.


Treat Every Day as a New Beginning

Start each day by affirming that you will do the best you can—no matter what happened yesterday. Thinking of every day as an opportunity for a fresh start can prevent the cycle of negative self-talk that causes many people to give up on their weight loss goals early in the process.


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Give Yourself a Compliment Daily

It may sound silly, but giving yourself a compliment can help encourage self-kindness to come naturally (and limit self-doubt, which can lead to self-loathing). Remembering what you love about yourself puts you in the right mindset to want the best for your body, too. Repeat after me, “I am worthy of love and attention”; “I love my body and all it does for me”; “I deserve all this is good”; “I choose to be grateful for all that I have”.


Set Attainable Goals

Aiming to drop a dress size in time for your birthday in six days is an easy path to disappointment and self-blame. Setting a more attainable goal, such as trying a new exercise once a week or swapping one sweet treat for a healthier option, is a better way to protect your self-esteem and respect your body’s limits.


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Feel the Benefits of Exercise

Research shows that those who exercise regularly, as part of a weight loss routine, tend to rate their self-esteem levels as higher than those who don’t.


Eat Mindfully

What if you took a whole new approach to how you consume food, one that’s more “mindful,” less rushed, and distracted? The idea is to slow down to become aware of your hunger cues. Pay attention to what you’re eating and drinking. When you are mindful, you are better able to have self control and tolerance to avoid unhealthy food; you are also more clear and flexible with your goals which will in turn help you be kind and compassionate with yourself.


Work On Your Stress Levels

Most of us don’t reach for a fresh salad and a piece of cottage-cheese when we’re stressed; refined carbs, saturated fats, and salty and sweet snacks are more typical go-tos for people under pressure. Ways to manage stress at mealtimes include eating more mindfully, performing yoga, meditation, being part of social groups, therapy, and having nightly baths.


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